The forthcoming United States elections have been projected as unique, whatever the outcome. For the first time in the history of the United States, there is a possibility that the nation will either have its first oldest president, John Mc Cain who is aged 72 years, or have the first black president, Barrack Obama. Despite the glaring superficial features of the two candidates, race and age are not the major factors that are poised to determine the outcome.

There are more pressing concerns to most Americans, and it is how effectively the two candidates manage their characters and their ability to handle national issues will determine the winning team. Opinion polls conducted and the views of most analysts indicate that it is a tight race to the white house. The analysis of major issues facing the country and the national mood however projects a win for the Democratic Party candidate Barrack Obama. The major issue facing the country today, just a few days ago to the elections, is the economy.

The economy has suffered and big corporations are crumbling endangering the livelihood of millions of workers. Economy has emerged to be a major headache to the candidates and the Americans are watching every step and listening very keenly to the candidates speeches to discern who between the two offers the better way out. Opinion polls indicate that a majority of Americans rate the Democrats as the most likely to revamp the economy. This current economic crisis is favoring Barrack Obama to John Mc Cain. Majority feel that Obama can handle the economy effectively and put it back on track.

In regard to the economy, Obama is having a 10 point lead according to a majority of the opinion polls. Security is another issue that has raised some concerns to the electorate. The United States occupies a major position globally and its foreign policy has a big impact internationally. At the same time, the nation is increasingly facing threats from left and right especially from terrorists. John Mc Cain is well ahead of Obama. He is seen by most Americans as the most experienced to secure United States.

His approach of foreign policy however is dented by his stand on Iraq and his support for war. Barrack Obama lacks the necessary experience and his stand on Iraq war has endeared him to many people. On the issue of taxation, Obama has been losing ground due to the claims that he plans to increase taxation for the low income earners. The character of both leaders has also been on the spotlight. Again here Barrack Obama has a clear advantage over McCain; indeed Mc Cain has been loosing ground on his rating in regard to the most likeable qualities.

Most Americans believe Obama is more decisive and honest. In comparison though, according to Alan & Trevor (2008) “McCain lost ground on nearly every quality tested in the poll, including lower score for being likeable, decisive, honest, competent, intelligent and inspiring. ” The running mates of the prospective candidate are also on the spotlight and Joe Bidden, Obama’s running mate scores highly in terms of experience. A significant number of Americans has cited Sarah Palin’s glaring inexperience handling a big office to be the main reason they will not vote for McCain.

History and political ideologies are also being given attention. Republicans are seen as the better poised to handle foreign policy and secure the country. They are more decisive in their foreign policy. Democrats while lacking credibility in foreign policy are seen as able to land domestic concerns. Amongst the highest ratings, Americans are more concerned with the economy and the financial crisis. Had it been a security issue McCain would have fared better.

With the domestic concerns however being more pressing; Obama remains at a favorable position in the race to the white house.His position is further favored by the crumbling corporations failing and the government’s push for a bail out. Bush has shown his resilience inability in handling economic matters, his record on having excesses especially the Iraq war has contributed to a wane in people’s support for the Republicans. To the Americans, a vote for john McCain is a vote for a continuation of Bush’s policies.

Indeed as the democrats have observed, McCain has voted alongside George W. Bush in almost all issues ranging from health, economy and war.Most Americans are watching the election closely and are associating the current woes facing the nation with the Republicans; a win by the Democrats is hence being seen as a blessing to the country. A look hence at the above issues and the mood of the nation towards these issues and the prospective candidates indicates that barrack Obama is the likely candidate to take over the mantle of leadership from bush. He has had a commanding lead in almost all the available state level and national polls.

The major concern being the economy, most Americans have confidence that he will initiate reforms that will revamp the economy.