My new Computer technology project is about creating an advertisement.

In my investigation I have to explain in details about benefits of ads for community, choose a target group and technique for my ad and most importantly present several ideas and then choose one. I also have to explain in details how this topic has an impact on our environment. After creating several designs and then choosing one and creating a plan, I have to make my creation. So, what is advertisement?Advertisement is a public and paid communication that promotes in a usually positive way goods, services, ideas and people through means such as radio, television, internet, newspapers and etc. Ads inform and motivate people. Their main objective is to change the thinking pattern of the people from their target group and in a way, and get them to do what the advertiser wants.

Ads can also influence people’s attitudes and behavior in a different way – for example political party before a local election.Apart from promoting commercial goods, advertising can also be used to educate and motivate the public about non-commercial issues such as AIDS, deforestation, family planning, etc. New investigations are created everyday and all of those new products must be advertised so that people can know about their existence. It is through advertisement that people begin to feel a need for even those goods of which they had never heard before. Many world famous companies spend millions of dollars each year to advertise their products although they are already famous and well known for almost everyone in the world.

To get success in business every big or small business-concern must first attract people with a great ad. To run a business without its ad is not possible in the modern age. Adverts can also be useful in other way such as help finance mass media and in that way provide employment. This is useful for the economy of a certain environment. Adverts can also sponsor cultural, sporting, artistic events – funding. What is really interesting is that an advert can increase the price of the product itself.

Related essay: “Successful Promotional Campaign Examples, Ideas and Objectives”If the ad is really good and many people notice it, they use more and more the product its advertising and in those cases producers eventually increase the price for even 40% or more! Target groups A good advertisement must have certain qualities. First, it should be based on human-psychology. This means that each ad should have its target group.

Target groups can be based on thousands of characteristics such as gender and age of the potential consumers. For example, A thing meant for ladies, should be advertised in such way that they are attracted towards it.If men are to be customers, then it should appeal to their tastes. That’s usually women products are advertised during romantic movies and soap operas on TV, while men products are mostly advertised during sport games. This is self explanatory.

If a teenage used product is advertised it will usually contain popular music and beautiful and young people inside it to attract the attention of that specific target group. But there are also many other divisions of target groups.For example, Coca Cola company (that spends about 60% of their total income for advertisement) targets families with kids and that why in their ads we usually see a family sitting at a dinning table and drinking Cola or Christmas joy with many happy and cheerful people. In order to create ads effectively you have to know this one group of people and know them well. Let’s take an example. If I try to advertise an energy drink it is important to consider who is most receptive to the purported effects of the beverages.

Although everyone is susceptible to the fatigue of the super-charged, over-worked lifestyle, young people are especially vulnerable to persistent exhaustion and insufficient energy. This group of people, more specifically male teenagers and people in their 20s, are also most likely to believe in the veracity of the energy drinks’ claims. As a result, the majority of energy drinks are developed for and advertised to this younger generation. But this is not all. The name and packing design is also very important.

Since the most common users of those energy drinks are young people special attention should be paid on the letters on the shape of the bottle. It should be small enough to fit in bags and to carry around; it also should have some kind of short but strong, memorable name. Also, it’s really important that an ad lasts short. Because people are busy and might get really annoyed if the commercial lasts for longer then 35 s.

So to be successful, advertisement must be brief. Long descriptive stories or certificates of praise about certain thing do not make good advertisement.This is an important point in advertising and a good advertiser must keep it in mind. What to advertise? We all know that adverts don’t care about the product they are advertising. Even the worst of the products are advertised. So, I shouldn’t be too worried about the type of product I’m advertising for this project.

Although I did have several ideas in mind. My product should be something that I can easily present in my ad, so it must be small and usable. I thought about advertising a perfume, a deodorant, or some kind of a spray.It’s definitely the easiest thing for me because it’s easy to carry it around, and somehow, I have a lot of ideas on how to make an ad about this product. If I wanted to advertise perfume, I would definitely need some special effects and a beautiful girl inside it.

So, it’s kind of complicated to accomplish that. Than it occurred to me to advertise some kind of pepper spray. Those are sprays people use in self defense. This could be really fun if I come up with the right idea for my ad.

I also have to come up with the right name for my product and design it. Before all, I have to choose one target group and concentrate on that.According to some online statistics I found, 30% of people who are attacked are older than 30 years. The rest, 70%, are young people under 25, especially women. In high schools this is a particular problem – 30% of all high school students in USA are involved in bullying – are bullied or are the bullies.

Data suggest that teenage bullying is more common among younger teens than it is among older ones. In this type of bullying, the instigator attempts to physically dominate another teen. This usually includes kicking, punching and other physically harmful activities.So, definitely the best weapon such young person could have is bully spray. It won’t hurt (at least not permanently) the attacker, but it will disable him or her and leave enough time for the victim to escape.

According to these data, it’s obvious that my target group will be teenagers. So I have to adjust the ad to the general taste of young people to attract their attention. Design for the spray should be small and easy to use. So, I have to use the appropriate color for my product.

It must be something that people will easily notice – so it has to an intensive color such as red or black.I think red is the most suitable one because in a way it represents something strong and powerful and this is should be the main characteristic of this spray. Rest of the design should be pretty simple, but yet memorable. I will only write the name of the product on it in big black letters on the red surface. So, my spray will be small (length: 20-30 cm and width 7-10 cm) and red with big black letters.

Since pepper sprays aren’t so easy to find and buy (and I would have to have it used in my ad) I will come up with a fake pepper spray. I have to create a name for it.Name has to be something that is easily remembered but also makes sense. I have several suggestions for the name of my spray – Anti – bully spray, Hero spray, Protector spray. I’ll pick one out of these three.

The first one is probably the most suitable because it contains the most information about what type of product we’re talking about. But maybe the third one wouldn’t be a bad choice because it makes the spray sound really powerful and it’s also really easy to remember and simple, but in the same time sounds promising. But still, the third and the second one might sound confusing to users, so I’ll stick with my first option.