To create the business successful, we need a lot of factors and one of them is human.

And if we want to manage and have profits from people, we must find out them. At organizations, manage often learn about business psychology. So to use the business psychology in a business firm, we must know exactly about the purpose of business psychology. The purpose of it helps people feel happy, comfortable and increases productivity on the job. So we must care human factor, which include every employees, partners, customers and event our boss.At first, we must use business psychology with employees.

When we choose any employees, we must know exactly about their knowledge, the ability to settle jobs and their life skills. And to create the perfect in job, we still find their good and bad points. For example, at Viet Nam, most of people have high professional but they have trouble in communication. So we can encourage them to study some other language, which helps them work better. In each program of company, we must create the goal for our employees and then, trying to help them carry out this goal.

For instance, with a big work, we can establish some group, each group will do difference jobs. People in group can help together. But sometimes, people in group can have difference opinions. So people must concede together and find way to unite all ideas in group. In some special day, we can have some gift for good employees or company still can organize party to create good relation among workers and directors, or we can increase salary or promote for workers to encourage them.

We still can create good space at workplace, such as equip good office instruments to help employees relax.After tired time, employees need rest. So we can construct rest rooms. For example, at Japan, some companies had construct room, which help their workers decrease stress.

In this room, they have effigies, which look like employee’s bosses or directors. And if they angry some one, they can hit these effigies. This has useful at their country. And one special which is not really important, but it is necessary, is care employee’s family. We should try to create family air for every people in workplace. Besides employees, we should care our partner.

We know many fields in business, like service, business land, house, industry products, etc. Some major have relative, so our business company need partners. We must find out partner’s expect such as their benefits and then, we will find what they need and satisfy their requirements. For instance, we sell car, so we must find provider, advertiser, our agency, etc.

So we must calculate percentage for them which still make sure that they are happy but we still care our benefit. Our customers are the same, but their expectances are our ability.They want to be served, want to have good products from us. We should provide enough information about product which we are business and make sure this product satisfy customer’s requirement.

For example, a client wants to buy car, so at first we must know his purpose, know his requirement, his income, etc. Then, we can introduce him products, which suit him. It both helps us sell car and makes buyer feels the most comfortable. Lastly, people, who we must find out information or guess their strategies, are our competitors.Sometimes, we not only search for ideas from our customers but also care our competitors or even their customers.

Since then, we can create solution for our products, because we can study a lot from them, like their success, their failure to take out the lesion. For instance, after competitors bring out new product, we must look for the views of their customers and our customers. If this product is not liked, or our opponent has any trouble, we will infer our experience. So business psychology can help us find out behavior and mental of human which is the most important factor in business.