There are many issues that have continued to affect the schooling systems and have continued to the epicenter of debates across all divides in the society. These issues that have guided numerous debates are pertinent to the success of our academic institutions and thus finding a clear stand on such issues is not only welcome but necessary for the benefit of students attending school.

One of such issue has been the provision of better lunch for students which some people argue that it is not necessary. However, it is very clear that offering students better lunch is very important as it promotes academic, physical and social fitness in students at the same time reducing obesity rates.Benefits of better school lunchThere are a lot of benefits that is associated with the provision of better school lunch which meet all the nutritional standards as opposed to one which does not. The provision of better school lunch has several advantages that provide the student with the ability to school and excel in every sphere of their life. With better lunch being offered in schools, it is less likely that students will be given food which has high levels of starch and fat. The food offered will therefore ensure that students are not exposed to obesity can be of great harm to them.

Acs et al (2007) confirm that nutritious food versus non-nutritious food has become a determinant factor regarding the attainment of good health and reduction of obesity.Reduction of obesity is thus achievable through the use of better lunch which has all the requirement nutrients in it. In this way, student will be able to participate well in their school activities and program without the fear of the body size. It has been found that obese student undergo a stigma that tends to make them isolate themselves from other students while in school (Poppendieck, 2008).

Such an occurrence is very detrimental to the life of students both at school and outside school. For this reason, it is therefore important that better school lunch be offered to student in order to reduce instances of obesity. It is appalling to note that number obese children has "doubled in kids and tripled in teens" since 1980 (Shute, 2006). With better school lunch being offered, students is school will be able to take food that has the required amount of energy. Food that is rich in energy is a necessary requirement for any lunch to be considered better.

With energy from food, students are more likely to be able to undertake numerous school activities or exercises that require a lot of energy. This exercise may include sporting activities such as swimming and playing football. With student participation in events such as sport, their social well-being is bound to improve due to increased interaction with peers thereby boosting their self-esteem and improving their interpersonal skills.Kalin et al (2007) believe that a better nutrition is a necessary factor for better for better learning in school environment.

This assertion is correct taking in mind the benefits of better lunch in school. Better lunch will afford student with peace of mind allowing them to concentrate on their academic work. This implies that, students who have access to better lunch are more likely to succeed due to their ability to learn better unlike those who do not have better lunch. With no better lunch being offered in our schools, it is likely that students will be impoverished and thus lack the will to learn and excel.

It is therefore needful to provide have better lunch so as to enhance the academic well-being of students in the class room. Without having better lunch, our school systems will be predisposed to poor performances.The benefits of better nutrition can be realized in school as it promotes retention of students within the school program. A good diet is very helpful in the promotion of good health which is necessary for the continuous learning at school.

With poor nutrition, students are likely to have poor health which can make them predisposed to diseases which can make them be hospitalized. In such instances, the affected students will miss their classes and recovering for the missed classes may be difficult and in some cases impractical. The resulting effects of poor lunch can therefore be prevented through the provision of better lunch in schools in order to promote good health that will in turn enhance student attendance rates at school.If school adopt the policy that allows them to offer better nutrition, it is more likely that school will benefit from fewer rates of indiscipline cases.

Discipline has been one of the most crucial issue affecting schools where school administrators have found it necessary to takes measure to correct students who lack discipline. In cases such as this, students have been sent home either for suspension of expulsion. While such an action may seem to offer solution to discipline, this is not the case. Nevertheless, research shows that better nutrition promotes good discipline (Kalin et al., 2007). Therefore, providing better nutrition is a sure way of promoting learning in school as well as enhancing the development of students into law abiding citizens.

It is clearer that offering of better lunch to students in school is a positive step towards the realization of real benefits in our school systems. Better lunch means that students will be able to feed well and thus cases of obesity and other related health complication will decrease. Benefits from high student attendance and low cases of disciplines will facilitate better learning in schools. This will thus improve the overall benefits in our school systems where students can learn as required and at the same time engage in activities that will make them emerge as well rounded individuals.