To become a successful pastry chef a good education is needed, and also a lot of training, and amazing cooking skills to help right along with the journey of becoming a pastry chef. Being a chef is not always an easy job. This job takes a lot of dedication. When working on a pastry arrangement chefs could possibly get no sleep, and if they do get a chance to sleep, it would not be much sleeping time before they are back up starting another arrangement. Taking on this job is a big deal because this is not what you would call a regular eight hour job.

Leaving is not an option when the job for that certain arrangement is over. In other words, in order to take on this amazing job you have to start with a good education. One of the many very well recommended school which is Le Cordon Bleu, which is a great way to start a career of becoming a pastry chef. Le Cordon Bleu is worldwide recognized program, and is seen as the most finest culinary arts program available for students interested in becoming a chef. Students that attend this program can learn up to anything as simple as basic cooking skills.

“Our industry-current kitchens and culinary classrooms are designed for students to immerse themselves in the culinary world, working alongside professional instructors learning focused, theoretical foundation and essential, technical skills that can be applied to the preparation of any cuisine”(What 1). The program is located in sixteen different places all over the United States. Two of them are in Texas, and are located in Dallas, Texas and the other in Austin, Texas.