The use of scientific knowledge to use certain objects to allow humans to perform tasks much easier, which can be use in industries or machineries.

(Stevenson, A 2010) Affirmative Arguments: As the use of technology in our society is growing day by day it is benefiting society and the environment too. The mass media in our society is giving access to buy and sell things around the globe.Technology has enabled entrepreneurs and firm’s to keep an eye over their stock and maintain books without hiring a specialized employee for it, use of machinery instead of a labor work force and producing in bulk quantities without paying more wages which is how the cost of goods and services are cut down. (Jie X, Zhejiang 2010).

E learning is one of the leading contributions of technology to society and students. Its has enabled student’s to study in flexible way, students have to spend less on the means of transportation from home to school and can have access at anytime of the day. Tudorache, I 2006). With the advancement of technology it has also provided an online way of making money known as telecommuting.

By which one do not have to travel to his workplace; he can perform his work by sitting back at his home at anytime. Which over-all has benefits society, businesses and environment. (Harpas I, 2002) Page 1 of 4 Page 1 of 4 Negative arguments: Like everything other thing in this world technology is not unusual it has disadvantages too.Technology has enabled us to access to the world which includes internet socializing, e-business and bank accounts while sitting back at your home but that have problem with your privacy and security.

One can steal your digital identity. (Jie X, Zhejiang, 2010). Limited information to do business online more chances of being vulnerable to security threats and identity theft. (Jie X, Zhejiang, 2010). The teachers should be better trained to use computer easily in classrooms so that they could easily pass on skills to students for that they have to learn more computer skills with the knowledge they have already have. AL-Bataineh A, 2010).

On other side the technology has enabled humans to use ways of telecommunicating but these have some drawbacks like one can easily do under invoicing or over invoicing for the sake of saving some tax, their accounts can be modified and made changes according the need of firms or individual requirement that would bring a lot problems for the society. (Harpas I, 2002) Annotated sources: Adel T. AL-Bataineh is a Professor of Education in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at Illinois State University.His research agenda focuses on the effectiveness of teacher preparation for both preservice and inservice teachers.

He published several studies in the areas of teacher preparation, standards and alternative schooling movements, technology in education and on-line teaching, clinical experiences, and professional development schools. Another area of research interest is international and comparative educational systems. Professor Al-Bataineh, can be reached at the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Illinois State University.The author of the article has written about the affirmative and negative aspects of use of computers and technology in classroom that will be used in my essay too. Itzhak Harpaz is Director of the Center for the Study of Organizations and Human Resource Management, Graduate School of Business, University of Haifa, Haifa, Israel.

He has written an article about telecommuting and has outline its benefits and disadvantages which are useful for my question Jie is an IBM Certified Designer. she is highly motivated consultant with experience in the Data warehouse and Business Intelligence environments.Her exposure spans across Business/Data analysis, Congo’s Report Development, ETL development through to Systems Testing, working for clients including Jemena, Department of Justice, ANZ, Toyota, Fairfax and Vic Police. she have written an article about advantage’s and disadvantages on use of technology in business which is relative to my question and that’s her relative expertise .

Ionela-Catalina Tudorache has studied from the School of Computer Science for Business Management, Romanian - American University, Bucharest and is affiliated to the department of business and technology in the same university.In the article she have made some affirmative and negative arguments which are related to my topic as what E-business do to a society Page 3 of 4 Page 3 of 4 Reference list: AL-Bataineh & Brooks, 2003,Challenges, Advantages and disadvantage’s of instructional technology in the community college class room, Community College Journal of Research and Practice, vol 77, no. 6 pp. 473-484 Bhat S 2012, Indian streams research journal,uses and disadvantes of modern technology in physical education,vol 2, no. 3 pp1-4 Boyle, P, 2010 Cochlear implants international, evidence of technology impact, vol11,no.

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