Power in Animal Farm is used to control the citizens of the farm. Napoleon carries out the plan that Old Major had dreamt about. His plan was that all animals could live peacefully with no human to oppress them.

V for Vendetta power is represented by the Norsefire party. They use their army to put the political prisoners, homosexuals and other undesirable citizens in concentration camps.

•Jones, the owner of the farm treats the animals badly and they get tired of him.

•The other farmers here about this and fear if this will happen to their own farms.

•Napoleon and Snowball are the leaders of the farm and argue over many things.

•They go through many hard things such as storms, hunger and another battle to defend Animal Farm.

•The pigs overdue it with their power and are very harsh and force other’s to work.

•The animals on the farm overthrow Jones and drive him out.

•They go and attack animal farm, but the animals defend the farm.

•Napoleon has his dogs attack snowball and drive him out of animal farm.

•Many of the animals die due to theses conditions such as the sheep in the battle and Boxer since he works so hard.

•The reason animal farm was founded is forgotten since the pigs, who rule the farm are just as harsh as the humans.