Mutually, Animal Farm and V for Vendetta express similar themes to each other.

They both share the same concept of power and politics. Throughout Animal Farm it is shown that Napoleon, takes over a farm. While in V for Vendetta the Norsefire party takes over the city of London. Both of these stories portray similar themes such as power, danger of an uneducated class and thirdly, propaganda.

Power in Animal Farm is used to control the citizens of the farm. Napoleon carries out the plan that Old Major had dreamt about.His plan was that all animals could live peacefully with no human to oppress them. Old major dies and three pigs - Napoleon, Snowball and Squealer formulate the plan.

Napoleon starts off by assigning each of the animals a role to build the dream. Napoleon creates “The Seven Commandments” in which all the animals must obey. He controls everyone by creating an enemy – Snowball. He uses almost every chance that he gets to blame Snowball.

Napoleon blames Snowball for the destruction of the windmill, which the animals were currently building to make their lives easier.Squealer is the brought up in the form of the media, telling everyone around the farm what is going on and how other farms are doing. Squealer often tells lies, in which causes false information to spread among the farm. In Persaud 2 V for Vendetta power is represented by the Norsefire party. They use their army to put the political prisoners, homosexuals and other undesirable citizens in concentration camps.

Evey, who works for the government is stripped of her power when she is almost raped by a gang of policeman of London.The dictator uses the media to spread lies, and tell the citizens that “everything is fine. ” Danger of the working class is displayed in Animal Farm by Snowball taking all of the animals and making them work. He uses the strongest animal (Boxer) to do all of the heavy lifting and pulling. Secondly, Napoleon takes the newly born puppies and teaches them the ways of Animalism. When Boxer is ever questioned by other members of the farm, he only says one phrase: “Napoleon is always right.

This shows that Napoleon is the superior one and that no one can take his place. Furthermore, Napoleon uses the puppies that he educated and uses them to chase Snowball off of the farm. Napoleon rewrites everything and makes it seem as if everything was Snowball’s fault. Napoleon is secretly living life to fullest as a human, yet no animal on the farm sees this, Napoleon justifies all of his actions by convincing the animals that he must be taken care of well, and that leader is supposed to be the healthiest amongst all.In V for Vendetta the society is completely oblivious to what is going on.

The society does not know that there are concentration camps in the London, because the media hides all of this. This is also because the citizens living in the camps are given a curfew in which they must follow. The society in which V lives in is strictly Fascist, where the government and army control everything and everybody. The citizens do as they are told and if they break the rules they are severely punished.

Eventually Persaud 3 when V gets a hold of the government he sends out a mass shipment of his masks and capes. This shows the society fighting back the government where their identities are not revealed. A mass crowd of protestors show up to fight the policemen of London, when the lead inspector realizes that they will not give up he orders his army to stand down and not to fight back. This causes the mass amount of “V’s” to simply walk by the policemen implementing no violence to them. The theme of propaganda is heavily displayed throughout Animal Farm and V for Vendetta.In the novella Animal Farm propaganda is displayed by the three main pigs.

They twist the truth around with the animals so their behaviour does not look suspicious, and at the same time they keep the rest of the animals to believe them. When Squealer re-introduces the new set of The Seven Commandments, it states that “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. ” The whole idea of being “equal” has been twisted from the beginning when Old Major had the dream to now, where the animals don’t know who to listen to.Snowball uses the windmill to influence the animals to work hard so that in the end they can build machines to make their life easier.

When Snowball is chased off the farm by Napoleon’s dogs, he takes on the task of completing it, when the farmers try to take back the farm Napoleon blames it on Snowball claiming it was sabotage. Many animals die, due to having contact with Snowball. V for Vendetta displays propaganda in a very similar way to Animal Farm, the usage of the media plays a big role in what the society does or listens.Everything that the government spoke of was taped then broadcasted. When the dictator was being tortured by V and soon after killed, the Persaud 4 taping of him claiming to the rest of London told them that everything is under control and that they have caught the terrorist. This later proves to be false as V blows up the parliament later on.

The government supresses the truth when V lows up a statue that had a symbolic meaning for justice, the media then told everyone that they were behind the explosion and that it was just an “emergency explosion. Overall, Animal Farm and V for Vendetta demonstrate that they both portray power, danger to an uneducated class, and propaganda. Napoleon and V both faced challenges in getting to where they are and overcame them. V sees that the country is on its way to being restored back. Napoleon sees that his real goal was to end up with the humans, and that getting through the animals was only the first step. Both Napoleon and V share very similar beliefs, they both strive for what they think is good and will stop at nothing until it is done.