Dear Editor,

Animal Control Officer Donna Fontenot was relieved of her duty recently. The story came as a shock that provoked many disappointments in Jennings. This town just lost a devoted public servant. Before Donna took the post, the city pound was a mess, disorganize, and most of the animals were hardly fed. Many of them were sickly and uncared for. Stray animals roamed the streets and more often experienced maltreatment from their captors. When she received her appointment, Donna immediately enforced the animal cruelty act and launched an intensive educational campaign in the community about animal welfare.

As a certified Animal Control Officer, Donna protected the public health and safety of this town as well as preserved the well-being of animals. She provided an environment where animals and people could leave in harmony. In her, abandoned animals found a home not only in the pound but also in her heart. Despite receiving little pay, she showed dedication to her work and translating her profession to serve the community. She always greeted people with a smile who went to the pound to reclaim or adopt an animal. She would likewise teach children how to care for their pets. Considering all these remarkable attributes, what possible reason could city hall have to replace her? I could not see one. I only see recognition or an award for a job well done.

To this day, there is no clear explanation for her replacement. If this termination was a result of a political intrigue or favor, then this decision was wrongful and unjust. Public servants like Donna should stay in the office for as long as they are able to and as long as the confidence of the people remains in them. It would be best for this town to voice in unison their objections on the issue and perhaps petition Mayor Terry Duhon to reconsider putting back Donna to the service, for we the people have spoken.

Sincerely, Adison Cormier Senior Jennings High School