Art is about the aesthetics, made using traditional materials and forms. It is commonplace associated with being visual, for being viewed only – ideally in a gallery space. However, it is the aim of a postmodern artist to step outside these boundaries with their own art and concepts. Andy Goldsworthy respectively creates his art as this. Andy Goldsworthy was born in Cheshire, Scotland, in the year 1956.

He is a British sculptor and photographer living in Scotland with his wife and children. Goldsworthy has traveled and created works of art out NATURAL materials.Through the art practice analysis there are 6 main keys. ? ? ? ? ? ? conceptual practice material practice processes nature of practice Influences workspace / environment Andy Goldsworthy uses non-traditional materials that are found in nature or created from natural materials.

His works are not displayed in a gallery space, but in the outside world. The ambiguous nature of Goldsworthy’s pieces, such as “Iris Blades, rowan leaves,'snow circles' and 'knotweed stalks " result in the challenging conceptual works. MATERIAL PRACTICE The materials used in Andy Goldsworthy's art often include bright coloured lowers, icicles, leaves, mud, pine cones, snow, stone, twigs, and thorns. He has been quoted as saying, "I think it's incredibly brave to be working with flowers and leaves and petals.

But I have to: I can't edit the materials I work with. My remit is to work with nature as a whole. " Goldsworthy is generally considered the founder of modern rock balancing . For Goldsworthy he often uses only his bare hands, teeth, and found tools to prepare and arrange the materials. As an environmental sculptor, Goldsworthy’s artwork involves the use of natural, found objects.

Both permanent and temporary sculptures, Goldsworthy also explores other natural materials such as sand, grass, and clay. Iris blades is a perfect example of the beauty in the materials Andy Goldsworthy uses. Iris blades is pinned together with thorns and filled in five sections with rowan berries. These materials are found from the natural environment itself and considers many photographs he compresses filled with rich colours.

PROCESSES Goldsworthy firstly starts by exploring the natural areas around him and observes the nature around him.Since most of Goldsworthy’s work is created in the natural environment some of the projects are temporary, Goldsworthy photographs all his projects. Photographed documents include the location and the date of the artworks. He may then create a sketch after the work is completed.

In some cases, Goldsworthy has filmed his projects, especially to see the affects of nature over time on the artwork. He photographs each project to show that each work grows, stays, decays the photograph shows this at its height, marking the moment when the work is most alive.Goldsworthy's actions are based on the natural and found materials. Also the subject matter is depending on the seasons and the weather of the location. Goldsworthy highly relies on nature to help and guide him to create art. Before they disappear, or as they disappear, Goldsworthy, records his work in suburb colour photographs.

Rowan leaves laid around the hole. Goldworthy was collecting the last few leaves nearly finished although a dog ran into the hole and started again ,made in the CONCEPTUAL PRACTICE Goldsworthy deliberately explores the tension of working in the area where he finds his material.He explores the changes in the weather which may melt a spectacular ice arch or wash away the structure of grasses. The intention is not to "make his mark” on the landscape, but rather to work with it. Nature is the greatest art piece.

Goldsworthy’s artwork clearly supports the idea of the relationship of human survival with nature. From Goldsworthy using natural and found objects to create artwork, this then shows that human beings are capable of controlling nature, Although reality is nature will constantly control us.Many of Goldsworthy's work are in the public rather than in a gallery concerning with time and space as well as the concept of deterioration. Goldsworthy challenges art institutions and the notion of the art object as permanent and valuable. "Knotweed stalks" This is an amazing artwork created in the early morning in a calm breeze.

His work is balanced perfectly since he used the reflection of water. The influence and concept of this artwork is seen through . NATURE OF PRACTICE ? Andy goldsworthy touches the material, and goes about with his artwork in whatever state he is found in. ?Places for the artworks are found by walking, and the direction determined are by the weather and season ? "I take the opportunity each day offers: if it is snowing, I work in snow, at leaf-fall it will be leaves; a blown over tree becomes a source of twigs and branches. " ? Through the quote we see that he is a exploring and down to earth man who loves the outdoors and what lifes brings him. ? Also the work habits of his photography is kept simple, almost routine.

All work, good and bad, is documented. I use standard film, a standard lens and no filters. . Andy Goldsworthy says this about his work; For me looking, touching, material, place and form are all inseparable from the resulting work. It is difficult to say where one stops and another begins.

Place is found by walking, direction determined by weather and season. I take the opportunity each day offers: if it is snowing, I work in snow, at leaf-fall it will be leaves; a blown over tree becomes a source of twigs and branches. WORKPLACE / ENVIRONMENT The outdoors is Andy Goldsworthy's studio. The environment is Andy Goldsworthy's inspiration for his expressional artworks due to the fact he was brought up in a farmland society.Goldsworthy takes his artworks to a next level , instead of placing them in a art gallery the outdoors is where he is comfortable.

He bases his sculptures on different seasons, whether the season is winter , summer , autumn and spring all his sculptures reflect a different season and environment. Andy Goldsworthy workplaces are ? Snow lands ? forests ? rivers 'Snow Circles' Goldsworthy used a s to carve away the snow The light that passes through the sculpture gives the illusion of a glowing tunnel. Goldsworthy strived t work within the constraints of his nvironment the snow area was his work plac for a couple of days un he has finished this amazing sculpture. INFLUENCES Nature is the greatest influence for Andy Goldsworthy's sculptures. Goldsworthy’s sculptures are a poetic connection between himself and the natural world. His creative process is sparked by environmental cycles, Through all four artworks the nature and message behind these artworks are Goldsworthys major influence.

The environment is also a major concern in the artists eyes and that has influenced him as a post modern artist to take a further step in life.Many books have been published on Goldsworthy’s art. Two of the best are Andy Goldsworthy: A Collaboration with Nature and Time, both by the artist. Majority of the audience find andy goldsworthy an inspiration for them and a man who can transform nature into something so magnificent, Thank you :) Bibliography ? http://www. google.

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