The advertisement I am analysing is Chrysler. A company, who is promoting their new model and range of cars. One can observe that it is a Chrysler advertisement by the sharp eye catching logo in the bottom right hand corner, which spells Chrysler. The whole purpose of the advertisement is mainly to attract the target consumer and segmented market, in to approaching or mainly buying the car.

I am of the opinion that the sharp marketing of their advertisement will generate interest in the new Chrysler car, this will attract potential customers into their dealerships so face to face contact can be made with there slick sales team to generate a sale. I think the car is targeted at different levels of the market. I can visualise the target market as an apple, for instance the core target market is the business type, who can easily finance this car, they desire luxury, space, hi-technology, and the newer specifications.The personification of the apple centre is the family based specification (people carrying), a medium to large family.

The skin is the parallel market consumer who will save up for just that little bit more luxury, for the newer and better model to give that little bit more satisfaction and reward. I believe the car is aimed at the high earners of society e. g. the executives.

We can tell this from the price of the car '18,495' but this is not a set price this is a standard price. I believe this is also a gimmick to put the standard price there may also be to interest the lower market, it encourages the lower target to stretch there pockets.It also interest the people that are interested in this luxury car, we can tell this from the text, they use words such as 'roomier', notice this word has 'ier' on the end, this shows it is more spacious than its competitors. 'Refined', 'responsive', 'perfectly equipped', 'quieter', they use these words to engage their reader to believing this company on a basis of text and a picture.This add may also interest the consumers that are family orientated, again we can tell this from the text they use i. e.

on the add they use a Childs statement 'Are we lost yet? But it's twisted around to show they're driving for driving sake, plus it's saying that children don't like being in cars too long, but the Chrysler is different. I n the text it uses phrases such as 'magical mystery' suggestive of a child like adventure. The language of the advert is technical, but also portrays a sense of luxury with the language it uses, I feel it is very persuasive at moments as it leads u into believing the car has a height of quality and luxury that other car companies do not carry, using words such as 'roomier', 'perfectly equipped'