She walks smartly down the street. Her perfect posture and flawless features turn heads as her stiletto heels click the floor. She turns and flips her long, dead straight ultra shiny hair as she flashed the camera a dazzling million dollar smile. Suddenly, the pictures freezes right then and.

. a shampoo bottle is animated on the screen? Its then you realise that you just became a victim of a new advertisement thats going to take over your screen at least a hundred times now.Good Morning, Respected Teachers and fellow students;Today the topic on which I'm going to speak on is whether advertisements are improving the quality of our lives or not. In reality, the cons of advertisement far outweigh the pros. For one, it creates want for something which you don't need.

Face it-before you saw the teenage model showing off her sleek new iPad 3, were you even aware of its existence? Even if we do assume that you knew about this latest gadget, did you really have to have it-keeping in mind that your desk already holds a computer and a laptop? Of course not. Its part of their job to make sure you nag your parents for an unaffordable high-tec cell phone just so you can be in the 'in' crowd at school. Which brings me to my next point. Manipulating your brain.These ads that you see showing that using Garnier's hair spray or carrying HTC's newest Android will increase your number on the social popularity scale, are the reason this youth will fail. Start believing in these misleading promos, and the whole world will fall apart.

Believe me when I say, having a watch with Rolex not written on it, isn't going to tell you the time any different than a branded one would. Such ads are automatically attracting a person and urging him to ignore quality Well, who knows.

Maybe a soap bar that is not brushed on Katrina Kaif have better chemicals to remove the dirt off our hands than the one which is flashed on every billboard with the model herself. Misguidance by advertisements. Are you 100% confident that the cooking oil you see on T.V. is going to make people come out and dance in the streets if you buy it? Well, three cheers for you if you do.

Buying a sim card can be confusing and choosy but it might be that the Ufone sim you're planning to purchase isn't as fun and easy as its ADs are.And next, we see those ADs that grab our full attention whether they're on the screen, billboard or the newspaper. Frustrating delicious food appear and immediately our mouths start to water at the sight. We being blessed by Allah, have been able to enjoy these privileges at least a few times of our lives. But, a poor man's child must go mad repeatedly seeing these things..

things which his father can't afford him.Which he has to content himself just by watching other people enjoy it? Wouldn't experiencing such a feeling totally ruin your life? I would like to conclude with this note-that advertisements are not improving the quality of our lives. They are making us increasingly dissatisfied with what we have and constantly making us want more. The concept of 'less is more' is being discouraged by these advertisements.