The history of nursing dates back to centuries. The dignity of nursing lies in its unconditional rendering of patient care. To be taken care of is considered a privilege but caring for someone is indeed a virtue.

Nursing requires devotion, hard a preparation as it involves dealing with temple of Lord’s Spirit. American nursing association’s performance, contribution for excellence in nurse, patient care can be gauged from its multiple health care avenues.

One such step is Pathway to Excellence program with American nursing centre credentialed as its home. ANCC a subsidiary of ANA purports that the main aim is to provide quality, and set standards in operative, management in healthcare. Along with insuring quality, it is winning the acknowledgement of all.

ANCC educates, updates its professionals; sets PTE criteria for others to follow. In its mission to ensure better healthcare services; it has earned to its credit Health care and education affordability act. This legislative endeavor ensures highest health care access as well future protection against loss of health insurance coverage. (American Nurses Association)

Another feather in its cap is PTE programs of long term care, teleconferencing services. All aim towards nursing-patient relation to excel to the highest. Through their PTE series of activities they are training the professionals on highest standards, thus to ultimately bring positive healthcare to the surface. (American Nurses Association)

Another step is establishment of a progressive body of Congress on nursing practice and economics.ANA is optimizing nursing with emerging socio-political trends. All these assuredly tie patient’s concerns with their functioning. Thus at every cost ANA aims to satisfy its dual participants; which no doubt should be the hallmark of this sacred profession. (American Nurses Association)


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