As a new comer in market our first priority is trying to capture & gain the local market slowly & staidly. Our target is the upper middle and high class consumer in Bangladesh. Our main priority is quality along with superior design, Also we are creating a software store to satisfy the need of our consumer.

For ensuring the quality & originality we only sale our product through our website and own outlet. As a new comer in market, we are currently running a high-tech factory situated in Gazipur.We are producing two types gadget that is ultra book and tablet computer. On the product line of laptop we are currently offering three size (12”,14”,&15”) of ultra books in 3 different hardware configuration. Mission: Establish a superior brand value & providing the consumer best quality laptop & tablet computer as well as software solution. Brand Mantra: Sponsoring the future.

Operation strategy : the operational strategy of alpha corporation mach almost in the main activity of the company where operations is relevant.Under this perspective, the list of strategy is followed by all area of operation inside the factory. # Use the eco friendly green technology in factory that release less carbon & cfc gas in environment. # Making partner with consumers in energy efficiency & climate-protection initiative.

# Cope up with global technology use in production # Recommitting effort to improve sustainability governance. # Ensure worker- friendly environment inside the factory.Forecasting & scheduling * Forecasting: As a forecasting method of Alpha Corporation, pretty much similar to the big companies, base their analysis on the records stored on the internal Customer Relationship Manager system (CRM). This system stores every registry made by customers in order to analyze the tendency of the actual behavior and predict demand for certain products in the future. Now considering daily operations on Alpha, there is a “Short Range Forecast” process that operates constantly.

Alpha uses state of the art production planning programs that forecast the quantities of components needed to build the computers.After those forecasts are made, supply chain systems pass those forecasts to suppliers, who respond with cost estimates and plan their production as a result. As the CRM, the mentioned i2SCM (technology section) is another provider of forecast information as well, providing real-time factory scheduling and inventory management. These methods used by Alpha are considerate “Quantitative Forecast Methods”, leaving for de Decisions makers, the forecast that comes for “Qualitative Forecast Methods”. * Scheduling: Alpha Corporation bases its scheduling process in the system i2SCM system output.One of the basic tasks of i2SCM is to streamlines the supply chain in order to keep a constant flow of component in the starting point of the assembly line, and considering this, as a consequence is in charge of provide a manufacturing schedule the whole plant.

This scheduling process is refreshed every 2 hours. Process layout Alpha Corporation use a process that enable by the same system and measured in the same way for all of its product line. The standardized process of manufacturing is divided as it illustrated in the following diagram.Order pulling section: in this point the order is transfer from our order management system to the manufacturing scheduling system. The services of the facility keep the track of order process associating each part with a unique code.

Kitting: this section mainly organized the accessories, chips & processor that require for the next section. This section mainly ensure the smooth flow of material that required by build section. Build: in this stage the scan of the bar code associated with each law part, provide the worker the right instruction for making each product that require by management.In that section we associates every single parts using bar code.

This process ensure the batter quality control of each and every product. Software and installation: this section is directing by a computer system, the pre laded program gives specific instruction to ensure that all the component are operating properly and the operating system run smoothly in every device before boxing. Boxing: This section ensures all the components are properly stored and ready for the sale. Once finished the boxing, the order goes straight for shipping and in our showroom.Order accumulation area: (for online orders) when the Clint create an order, all required products start at the same time but not all of them finished at the same time due to process variability. Once all of the process finish, than the distribution process start.

Product design process For alpha , globalization has impacted directly in the management of the product life cycle involving more stake holders during process of product development, thereby the complexity of this process has become more complex as well .The most important factor introduced in the product life cycle is the environmental issue. For Alpha , the design products have to be energy efficient , to avoid unnecessary materials and to be easy to use , which is supported by rigorous business controls and supplier audits that consider. Energy Efficiency: Alpha delivers optimized performance per watt and help customers deploy systems efficiently. In this way, IT is an important avenue to decreasing cost of ownership and enhancing productivity while reducing a customers carbon footprint.

Precautionary chemicals and materials use: Alpha design to eliminate the use of unregulated substances if we believe that Alpha possess hazard characteristics similar to others , regulated substances . If alternatives are not yet viable , Alpha works to develop reliable , environmentally sound and commercially scalable solutions. Supply chain sustainability: We expect suppliers to uphold the same commitment to environmental responsibility as we do , as a condition of doing business with them. Alpha is doing in terms of product design rely on the participation of their own customer .The website ‘’ www.

lpha. com Where customers participate directly in the conceptualization of products giving their own ideas of develop, voting for another ideas already posted or simply criticizing products from the company. This website is very comprehensive platform to cover an appropriate SWOT analysis of products design due to the huge variety of post and group discussion on it. Inventory management We are implemented “just in time inventory system” which operate on only 6 days inventory.

This simple number implies a Hugh benefit for us, because this enable to the company to reduce the warehousing cost.Also it is not necessary to hire people to put in charge & maintain the inventory. Technologies of processor & accessories become obsolete very quickly. But for us, this is not a problem because we don’t hold obsolete technology in this small inventory. The way how alpha controls in terms of basic degeneration, it’s inventory and the cost that’s bring a “demand pull company”, where the other competitor is strictly a supply push company and operate and handle inventory in a more traditional manner.