The focal point of this paper is to develop a Code of Ethics for Alpha Security Consultants-which is a multi based Security Services and Consultants agency offering VIP Protection, Special Investigations, Special event security, Information Technology & Communications Systems.

The three most important ethical statements are given below.The organization’s code of ethics can be divided into three parts. In the first part there are the General Moral Imperatives that relates to more of a humane approach towards profession and life as a whole. The second part consists of Specified Professional responsibilities that deal with the codes that are directed towards the specification, nature and directives of the organization and the third part can be enumerated as Imperatives dealing with Organizational Leadership.General Moral Imperatives state that it is necessary to contribute as a human being to society and profession. It also directs an employee that he or she should not harm anybody under any circumstances and an employee should be trustworthy and honest.

Furthermore, it states that one must never be unfair or encourage nepotism or favors and Property rights, royalty and copyrights must be honored. It also states that the Intellectual property should be given proper credits along with it should be noted that General and corporate privacy should be honored. Finally, it is seen that Confidentiality should be maintained and honored under every circumstance.The code inspires a tangible outcome from employees by different manners and from various aspects. Firstly, the code serves as a guideline for the general approach towards the organization.

Secondly it acts as a parameter that would unable an employee to understand what exactly is to be done and what is not to be done or encouraged.Specified Professional responsibilities states that Professional competence must be maintained or acquired and focus should be there to heighten it and Profession laws must be well known and respected by the employee. It is also seen that acceptance should be there in accordance to review and the assigned responsibilities, agreements and contracts should b honored accordingly.Public understanding of the profession should also be improved by person of knowledge and access to information should avail only when it has been authorized.This code enumerates a homogenous guideline to all the employees across the organization and thus implication to all makes the employees feel more as a part of a large family maintained by the same laws from the top management to the lower employees.

Fourthly, this code acts as a benchmark for the employees and thus enables the employee to understand the organization better.