This is perhaps one of the major advantages of using the World Wide Web. Content published here is immediately available globally. The target market here is the 6.5 billion plus-population of the world provided there is internet connectivity. Thus www becomes the most inexpensive means of reaching a larger market.

The world becomes a “village”. The information provided is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, it is not limited by time or space thus very efficient. As can be seen from this company the growth rate has dropped and this can be attributed probably to competition or the market at home is shrinking or saturated.

Here the best thing to do is to explore other markets, and the best way to go is internet. With www a small company becomes an international one. (

Relatively inexpensive Apart from constructing a web site and setting it up, there are no other major expenses. It is relatively inexpensive to publish information on internet, therefore the company will be saving cost on printing and putting up brochures, catalogues and other marketing materials as this can be done by the consumer him/herself.

It can also be very inexpensive when following up on clients especially on customer service information.  Thus one can effectively use the web site to provide technical support to users. Web pages can be updated within no time thus can be modified any time a need arises. This saves a lot of time and reduces costs.

Product advertising Advertising is one of the most effective tools that help the company to sell its products and services. Without advertising the company’s products or services will not reach enough customers, therefore it is a must for any company worth the salt.

By using the internet for advertising it becomes very cheap and is available every time and using such powerful internet tools like multi-media one can avail audio files images and video clips for personalized use. This allows the customer to get as much information as possible.  (

To obtain technical information The company is bound to gain greatly from the www because of the availability of technical information that allows the company to upgrade its standards to compete with the ones in the industry. Most times this information is free.

Formatting Capabilities Once information has been published on the web sites it can be formatted richly using such internet tools as HTML tags and other graphic formats. There are also tools like multi media formats in web pages, technologies like Java and UB script which greatly enhance the strengths of www by becoming a highly interactive medium to distribute information to as many users as possible in the most inexpensive way.

One can also use the internet to do online surveys which when compared to the traditional methods they are cheaper and reach a wider market.