access provider
business that provides individuals and companies access to the internet free or for a fee
appearance of motion created by displaying a series of still images in sequence
includes music, speech, or any other sound
browser or Web browser
application software that allows users to access and view Web pages
cable modern
provides high-speed internet connections through cable television network
real-time typed conversation that takes place on a computer
chat room
is a location on a internet server that permits users to chat with others
process of a computer receiving information, such as Web page, from a server on the internet
short for electronic commerce, business transaction that occurs over an electronic network such as internet
electronic storefront
contains product descriptions, graphics, and shopping cart
transmission of the message and files via a computer network
e-mail adress
combination of a user name and domain name that identifies a user so he or she can receive internet e-mail
FTP(file transport protocol
an internet standard that permits the process of file uploading and downloading (transferring) with other computer on the Internet
graphic-graphical image
is digital representation of nontext informaton such as drawing chart, or photograph
refers to the first page that a website displays
stands for hypertext transfer protocol, is a set of rules that define how much a pages transfer on the web
instant message
a real time internet communications service that notifies you learn when one or more people are olnline ans then allows you to exchange messages or files or join a private chat room with them
also called the net-worldwide collection of networks that links millions of business, also called the net -worldwide collections of networks that link millions of business, government agencies, educational institutions and individuals
built-in connection to another related Web pages or part of a Web page
IP adress
short for the internet protocol adress, is a number that uniquely identifies each computer or device connected to the Internet
ISP(Internet service provider)
regional or national access provider
mailing list
group of e-mail names and adress given a single name
fomate reduces an audio file to about one-tenth its orignal size, while preserving much of the orginal quality of the sound
refers to any applications that combines text graphics, animation, audio, vedio, and/or virtual reality
is short for internet eiqutte, and it is the code of acceptable behavior users should follow while on the internet
Is an online area in which users have written discussions about a particular subject
is a program that extends the capabilities of a browser
is a website that offers a variety of internet services from a single convenient location
real time
means that you and the people with whom you are conversing are online at the same time
shopping cart
allows the user to collect purchases
to add your email name and address to a mailing list
surfing the web
refers to the activity of using links to explore the web
is a small version of a larger graphic
to remove your name from a mailing list
the process of transferring files from your computer to a server on the Internet.
consists of full-motion images that are played back at various speeds
Web or World Wide Web(WWW)
widely used service on the internet, consists of a worldwide collection of the electronic documents
Web publishing
development and maintenace of Web pages
Web site
collection of related web pages and associated items, such as documents and pictures, stored on the Web server
Wireless Internet Service provider(WISP)
is a company that provides Wireless Internet access to users
World Wide Web Consortion (W3C)
oversees research and sets standards and guildlines for many areas of the internet