) I would say the management style of Acme is mechanistic. Daft’s definition of mechanistic management is an organization that is formalized. This organization has a standard set of rules, procedures and a clear hierarchy of authority. Omega’s management style is organic. The organic style of management does not have rules and regulations written down. John Tyler, of Acme Electronics, clearly ran a top-down company.

He expected each department to know there job and complete it in a timely manner.This did not work so well for the Acme Company when they were coordinating the production of the memory units for the prototypes. The different departments seemed to be more concerned with completing their piece of the project, rather than the completion of the product as a whole. There was also a lack of communication between the departments. These issues resulted in a lot of rework and below quality products being shipped out.

Omega’s president, Jim Rawls wanted all of his employees to work together.This worked strategy worked in the Omega Company’s favor. The Omega group was able to come together and strategize about how they were going to work together to produce a quality product. Because of this, they were able to identify a part defect and deliver their product on time without any defects. Omega seemed to have a system of checks and balances, where Acme did not. References: Daft, R.

L. , (2010). Organization theory and design (10th Ed. ). Mason, OH: Thomson South-Western.

Although I think, strategy-wise, Omega did a better job; I think that the photocopier manufacturer chose Acme because of they were able to reduce the final cost. I also think that because Acme has a set of rules and regulations established, they were able to get the contract. The fact that Mr. Tyler kept in contact with the manufacturers, was probably one of the deciding factors as well. I think that Omega just needs to establish a written set of rules and regulations.

They also need to build relationships with potential customers.They do a great job of working together to produce a quality product. I think that by establishing rules and regulations; they will be taken seriously and be seen as real contenders and not amateurs. Acme should work on looking at the big picture. It seems like each department is only worried about their own contributions. They do a great job of keeping the customer informed, but they need to be able to work together so that they don’t send out a low quality product.

I do think that there are some advantages for the two companies merging.Both companies currently fight for the same contracts. If they merge this will no longer be an issue. Both companies have strong points in their style of management, if merged; the new company will be able to adopt new processes that will tremendously strengthen their company’s abilities.

The problems that may be encountered if the two companies merge, is the structure. The questions of how the company will be run, who will make the decisions, and who will run the company will all need to be answered.