The story, A Worm Path, was about the adventures of an old lady, named Phoenix Jackson. The story described her as an old lady, black in race, who went out to pursue the little adventures of life. Every step that she made all throughout her journey was dangerous, for she was old and was experiencing discomfort in the different parts of her body. The difficulties that were endured by Phoenix were chronicled in the whole story.

From the pain endured, to the adjustments she made in order to overcome the obstacles, Phoenix illuminated a sense of determination from her end.She even climbed mountains and crossed creeks without any hesitation. This exceptional acts would make the readers inspired and read more about her adventures. The funny thing about the whole story was the fact that Phoenix was more concerned about taking care of her dress than actually caring for her own life. She never made a big deal of how old she was, nor how limited her capabilities were.

The kind of determination and perseverance that Phoenix had was something that every individual would look up to.Regardless of all her traits, a question still remains unanswered, “Where is Phoenix Jackson going? ” The answer to the question was not revealed even in the start of the story. All that was left for the readers was the interesting journey that Phoenix opted to take. By the latter part of the story, it was revealed that Phoenix went to a town that was far away from their home. Her purpose was still unknown, but it seemed that Phoenix was going to visit someone. Even if she was near her destination, Phoenix still endured some heartaches.

She was mistaken for a deaf old lady, which she did not take negatively. At her point of destination, people were able to recognize the old Phoenix. It turned out that Phoenix was visiting her grandson, who was sick. She endured the long journey in order to bring the medication needed by her grandson.

A nurse, who kept on asking how Phoenix was had the impression that the old lady needed some money. Phoenix knew that she needed money and clearly agreed with the nurse.She asked for five pennies, and was even given an extra nickel for answering the nurse. The old lady was much happier at the turn of events for this gave her enough money to go to the nearby store and buy a windmill for her grandson.

She does so, feeling happy and contented with the kind of happiness that she will give her grandson. And so, she goes out carefully with a happy heart. The story has made readers aware of the unconditional love that may be given by grandmothers to their loved ones.Despite the different obstacles that came her way, Phoenix was able to prove to herself that she would do anything and everything she can to come to her grandson's aide. She possessed the example of how love could cross barriers. People from all walks of life would be inspired with Phoenix Jackson as an individual and the sacrifices that she was willing to take for her family.

Despite her old age, Phoenix was able to cross rivers, and get away from wild animals in time to get to her grandson.