The Great Gatsby takes place in the grand state of New York, around the time of 1920.

As commonly mistaken, the great Jay Gatsby himself does not narrate the story. This is done by Gatsby’s temporary neighbor, Nick Carraway. As you read further into the story, you learn that Gatsby is greatly in love with a beautiful young women by the name of Daisy Buchanan, who we learn is Nick Carraway’s friend from time ago. This all seems great except Daisy is married to Tom Buchanan, and not Gatsby.

Although her heart strongly remained loving him, she could not wait forever for him to come home from war, and when the rich and fairly attractive Tom asked her to marry him, she had no choice but to say yes. This might seem like a great, loving story but, it is filled with twisted schemes and tragic endings. Tom has a lover who lives in the “ash city” where all of New York’s ashes are dumped. Her name is Myrtle Wilson and she is married to George Wilson. One night, after everybody found out about the cheating and Daisy’s plan to run away with Gatsby, Gatsby drives back home with Daisy.When driving through the “ash city” Myrtle thought that Gatsby was Tom and ran out in front of the car, resulting in her death.

We find out Daisy was driving but Gatsby take the blame for it. George angrily found Gatsby and shot him, and afterwards taking his own life. Daisy and Tom move far away leaving Nick clueless and alone. The movie and the book differ in many ways.

They also have many similarities. Some of the main differences that stood out to me in the book were Nick and Daisy are just friends, but the movie introduces them as cousins.Another great example is that in the book, Gatsby throws these grand parties every night, hoping Daisy would wonder in, verses in the movie Gatsby only throws these parties every Saturday. One more important difference is Gatsby was very lonely in his funeral, as many people did not come to celebrate his life, but the movie is much crueler in the fact that it does not include the surprise appearance by Gatsby’s father as the book does.

There are many more similarities than differences between the movie and the book, but one of the similarities is Gatsby’s background story.He was poor and had nothing and decided to make a name for himself and buy extravagant things to impress Daisy and get her back. Another similarity is the green light at Daisy’s house. I think this symbolizes Gatsby and Daisy getting married and their future life together.

It’s so close he can see it, but he will never be able to touch it and own it forever like he wanted. The great Gatsby, as mentioned earlier, takes place in the 1920s. After World War 1, the people wanted to forget their sorrows for the loved ones that they lost, so they partied.All morals were thrown out the window for this time, and you can see how that relates to all Gatsby’s parties. Also this was the time of the American dream.

Gatsby wanted more than anything to have Daisy, but he had to have money. Gatsby was dirt poor so he had a lot of work to do to make himself of an acceptable social status. When that wasn’t working out for him, he resorted to illegal activities to earn lots of money fast. He bought all he needed to live up to the American dream.

He had the big, fancy house, the nice car, nice, and expensive clothing. All he needed was Daisy to complete it. He then waited and waited for her, and just as he thought he was about to get her and have a “perfect” life, he was shot and killed. His life ended incomplete. Although there are a lot of similarities and differences between the book and the movie, I’d have to say I liked the movie better, but I loved the storyline and would recommend anyone to watch it and feel the power of The Great Gatsby.