Adaptability, creative thinking and the application of technology are now intrinsic to service management. I have developed these principles and enjoyed the spectrum of undergraduate study. This has taught me to approach problems from different political, economical and psychological perspectives.

Studying for a Business management and Economics degree has taught me about reallife business situations and case studies, which will be intrinsic to my learning in the Service management and Design course.The study of my Business and management degree showed me that business has an emphasis placed upon creative problem solving through anticipation. Through, precise problem recognition, business understanding is enhanced because it enables the solution of problems which people often encounter. This will be highly beneficial to my future study. I also realised important factors, which affect business cannot be captured as processes or even defined. For example human relationships and passions in business and morals, which are vital to the success of a business.

These are elements, which are vital and intrinsic to service management.My aim is to be a leader or a manager in Service-based industries. I have undertaken some work experience for this by doing an internship. I worked in the customer service sector of a Shopping mall in china.

The aim of my role was to collect customer feedback and deal with unhappy customers. I learnt how to solve problems and complaints effectively and was able to think on my feet and come up with solutions quickly.I learnt vast amounts from this internship. I was able to see exactly where my skill set lie. I discovered that I am talented with making customers relaxed and happy.

I have a way of encouraging customers to rethink situations and to feel that they have gained from their experience with talking to myself. This was evident in the praise I received and the customer’s reactions to my help. Through my practical work experience, I believe better management can greatly enhance a company’s efficiency and knowledge in this would help and industry or company in modifying their own system. I am very passionate about this field and I have a strong desire to learn futher.It is my feeling that in recent times, many industries have total quality control processes, processes, supply chains implemented. This tends to result in many companies having similar policies so that makes it difficult to gain a competitive advantage.

Sales are a way in which you can add individual value to an industry. The aspect of sales, which is the most crucial and effective, is Service. Therefore, this course can help me personally to learn how to increase customer service standards and therefore add value to sales and increase the amount of sales. Aside from studying, socialising is very important to me, and I am always keen to meet new people. I enjoy trying new foods to increase my knowledge of different cultures.

I believe that undergraduate degree and the experiences that go along with this have prepared me for further study and university life. My social skills together with my ambition to succeed in life prove me to be good candidate for a Service Management and Design Masters degree. It is my aim that this course will equip me for my career in the unpredictable and fast moving world of industry.