Today with the job market as versatile as it is in the computer field, a degree is a very valuable asset even though a job can be obtained without it. There are many students who feel that work experience is much more beneficial than the actual degree. Look at Bill Gates whom left Harvard to co-found Microsoft (Morneau). Wayne Dysken who is the associate head of the department of computer science of Purdue University says, “A computer science degree will make you highly marketable no matter what your field of interest may be.

” He says that there are many computer jobs out there available and a degree will give the graduate the option to pick the one they want. Employers use to enjoy a person who had five or more years of experience in the field, but they are realizing that these people are becoming harder to find. A college graduate has more up to date skills than most others and the enthusiasm for the job (Dysken). A graduate has a better chance at getting what ever they want and employers are more than willing to even hire students part time while they attend college. They are even willing to pick up the bill for college (Schwartz).

When you do not finish college and go right for the experience, you are placing a cap to how far you can go. The workers skills are not as well defined as the graduates. With that degree, you have the opportunity for career advancement and you are paving the way for career advancement through specific training (Keefe). You are showing a much higher level of commitment and discipline when you graduate.

College level skills command top dollar in companies. According to Shelly Schwartz in the CNN Financial network, entry-level computer-programmers make roughly $40,800. a year while those with computer science degrees earned about $48,740. It is also estimated that the amount of jobs available will only increase by the year 2008 (Schwartz).

It is possible to skip college and go right to work making great money. Success will be made only when the degree is obtained and the knowledge is obtained. You are a much more valuable employee and beneficial when you have the knowledge. Bibliography Works Cited Bowker, Sharon. “Computer Science Degree Opens Many Doors.” Purdue News: April 25, 1997.


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