Today I will inform you about the job Body I. First, Will begin by telling you about what being an engineer means. A.

According to Webster Dictionary of the English Language engineering is defined as "the art of designing, building or using systems by scientific methods. " B. Engineers either work in design and development ...

1 . That means that they design new buildings, highways. Or even help advance technology. C.

Or they do production and management 1 . They can supervise production in factories and determine the causes of breakdowns.They also test manufactured products to make sure that the product is all the same quality. II. Next, I would like to inform you about the education you need to become an engineer.

A. According to the "l have a plan" website a bachelors degree is required for most entry-level jobs. B. A good high school prep to be in a field of engineering is to take four years of high school math and science. Ill.

Thirdly, I would like to provide you information about the average earnings and outlook for jobs of an engineer.A. The national average for a job in the field of engineering is $92,260. 1. Wages for an experienced engineer can be up to $140,420 and beyond. B.

According to the I have a plan website the outlook is stable and there is expected to be 16% growth in the next 10 years. 1. In Iowa, the growth is about average with Region 1 (us) being higher at a 27% project growth rate. Conclusion I.

In conclusion, today I provided you with information about the job engineer. II.