Emotional Intelligence is when one is able to identify, assess, and control your own emotions those of others.

CEQ assessment offers a look at the creativity, social competence, and aspects of Intelligence that can be measured In an IQ test and It offers a much better indicator of intelligence. In contrast an IQ test measures a person's reasoning ability compared to the general population and while it's been around since 1 905 professionals are finally discovering that these test don truly measure intelligence accurately nor fully.Understanding how you feel and why you're feeling a specific way and when it's not a positive vibe and allowing a toxic moment to taint an entire day and our Interactions with others. When we aren't honest with ourselves about what we are dealing with or that we are feeling less than our best we run the risk of being toxic, offensive, reacting with clouded judgment, causing harsh feelings, over reacting to situations and conversations.

This can cause alienation build up persecution syndromes or other non-healthy 'productive disorders. We can assign blame where it isn't warranted when we are authentic about our feelings and how we are dealing with them and surrounding situations. It's Important to regularly check In with oneself and to take a proactive stance In regards to how we are feeling. Also not waiting until situations or issues are at critical stage four and ready to boil over before we address them.In addition not putting too much of our own energy in others issues, problems and above most all keeping our company and surroundings positive while avoiding as much negative people and energy as possible.

If we are careful to reinforce what we value and consider most Important always allowing others to disagree or have a varying opinion realizing that we feel and think how we do and others are allowed the same privilege. When interacting with others we have choices of what stance we take I like to think of it as a nuclear reactor a response team.We can blow up, melt down, take things out of proportion and react or we can listen to what others are saying, ask clarifying questions ensure that we are in full possession of all the facts before responding, if necessary with love, patience and understanding. One of the greatest lessons Vive learned It Isn't necessary for me to respond to someone else's Issues If It doesn't affect my bottom line or line up with my core values and path.It's counterproductive to put more of your energy into someone's problem than they do. Also we have to realize and ask other's what it is they want and not offer advice based on what we want for them this is the reason that Creator Father God gave us two ears and one mouth so we would listen twice as much as we speak.

Competence, and aspects of intelligence that can't be measured in an IQ test and it round since 1905 professionals are finally discovering that these test don't truly interactions with others.