Electronic Medical Record Electronic Medical Record is a computerized base program which complies, stores, and manipulates patients' health information records Into a data base. Information can be shared across the world by different health care providers. The systems allow physicians and other health care providers to make better decision regarding the patient care. Information that is stored into the Electronic Medical Record includes medical history, demographics, medications, and allergies, different types of test, lab results, x-rays and billing information.The system allows different institution such as clinics, hospitals, physician office and other health care organization to obtain pertinent information regarding the patient. For example; a patient has an appointment with another doctor that is not familiar with her medical history; if the doctor shares the same Electronic Medical Records the doctor can view the patient health records without calling the doctor office for information regarding the patient.

This allows the physicians to received accurate information In a timely manner.In order to Improve quality care, healthcare providers are turning toward the Electronic Medical Records In order to help reduce the amount of errors that Is provided by the health care workers. One example Is using the paper based system information may not be legible to read and could possibly cause incorrect information regarding the patient care. The patient can also Davis 2 obtain their medical records, schedule or cancel appointments, email the doctors and receive test result faster through the database.This allows patient to manage their own personal health information.

Employers are sending their employees to several lasses in order to educate everyone on how the system operates and how to input data information into the database as well as retrieving the different documents. There are advantages In using the Electronic Medical Records database. One reason is that the data base saves space, which help reduce paper files in the office.Secondly, the system will help , professional, physicians, nurses and even pharmacy not to duplicate any testing, blood work, prescriptions, and even doctor referrals.

The system also alerts different physicians regarding a patient that may have severe mental or health issues in order for the providers to care for the patient or make necessary recommendation as needed. Physician can save time during their visit with the patient by looking up different type of lab results, instead of waiting on either a phone call or fax from the lab department.Electronic Medical Records is a technology that can provide information through a lot of resources from the data. The system can help both healthcare providers and patients to maintain personnel health information. The system is secured and confidential and is only used by authorized staff.

In order for the system to work properly Information need to be entered correctly In order for healthcare providers to give accurate results to the patient.Complies, stores, and retrieve data Is what make Electronic Medical Record data base unique across the world for healthcare provider.