Nowadays, many families are teaching their children at home. Some experts affirm that home schooling is the future of education. First of all, because the quality of traditional education has decreased in recent years. Even thought home schooling doesn't use the rigid method of traditional schools, their students are very successful.

Two important reasons why home schooling has become popular are that the children have the freedom to learn things that they want and they don't have to deal with peer pressure.In home schooling opposed to traditional schools, students have the freedom and the flexibility to create their curriculum. In fact, the best benefit of home schooling is the quality of education because the student get a customized education. Parents can adapt their children toa curriculum that fits their individual differences. For instance, a future musician might spent more time visiting theaters and concerts.In simple terms, home schooled students learn at their own pace and do things that really interest them.

Certainly, another important reason that parents prefer home schooling to public schools is peer pressure. Many parents are concerned about drugs, violence, and bullying that can be found in public schools. Naturally, home schooled students are not exposed to this negative behavior. Having to face this ordeal daily is stressful, it could affect the learning process and development of the child.

Finally, home schooling is seen as a way to protect children from bad influence. All in all, the debate of home schooling versus traditional schools will continue, it is clear that homeschooling is the best answer for parents who are dissatisfied with the quality of education in public schools. Also, home schooling has a multitude of benefits and is, in my opinion, more effective than traditional education. Certainly, home schooling is the future of education.