When I woke up that day, I was so excited because we were going to go to the holiday. I had packed my stuff the day before. And then we were ready to go! That was my first fly and I was anxious a little bit but my mother told me that there was no reason to be anxious. After an hour, we finally landed to Antalya. Then we arrived to the hotel. While bellboy was carrying our stuff to our room, I was thinking about what will I do next. I decided to go to the pool but I lost my way to the pool. There was noone to help me and I was so scared.

Then I found my way to the pool because my cousin arrived my help. We had so much fun in the pool. We dived and danced in the pool. There were some tourists at the pool and we talked with them. One of them is Shymi. She is a Russian. Other one is Harry. He is a British. After we met, we decided to drink something and went to the cafe. My cousin and I ordered lemonade, Shymi ordered coke and Ollie ordered some icetea. While we were drinking our drinks, we talked about our home countries. Shymi told that she like to feel warmth on her skinbut she can barely see the sun in Russia.

And Harry said that he can barely see the sun either, because of the pouring rain. After a little more chit-chat, dinner time came and 4 of us went to the dining hall. We ate something, took our drinks and went to the coast. We sat somewhere and while we were dirinking our sodas, we talked abour ourselves. At that time, sea was amazing. While they were talking, My thoughts were engulfed by the sound of waves. That was really amazing. Relaxing sounds took me so inside of them that I couldn’t hear what they said to me. After we sang some songs, we went to our rooms to sleep.

Next day I woke up so happy and when I looked my cousin, I saw that she wasn’t wake up yet but my sister had woken up already. I whispered her to go to the bathroom and bring some water. She did what I told and we spilled the water to her face. She woke up screaming and started to chase us in the room. We went to the breakfast and ate some careal, drunk some orange juice. As my mother said, when you eat something, you should wait 30 minutes before swim. Otherwise bad things can happen. We played some table tenis while we were waiting. After 45 minutes, we went to the pool and met there with Shymi and Harry.