Windows and other operating systems support both wired and wireless network adapters through a piece of software called a device driver. Network drivers allow application software to communicate with the adapter hardware. Network device drivers are often Installed automatically when adapter hardware is first powered on.

Finally, some network adapters are purely software packages that simulate the functions of a network card.A LANA adapter is a device used to allow a computer to interface with a network. Many computers may have some sort of LANA adapter already installed, but others may require a special installation, which is accomplished by adding a network interface card to the system or possibly connecting the adapter to a USB port. Most networks that are used in an office or home environment are known as local area networks (Lana). This type of network is one used over a limited geographic area. Most of the time, the network goes no further than the building which houses its main components, though that Is not always the case.

A LANA adapter is simply one that Is able to access this type of network. A LANA adapter can be used with a wireless or wired network, though when purchasing on, It Is Important to understand what type of network and connection Is needed. In most cases, allergies LANA adapter cannot be used for a wired network and vice versa. Those needing antedated but unsure of the type should consult their network administrators for more information. In many cases, a wired LANA adapter is used for Ethernet connections, one of the fastest and most reliable forms of wired networks.Because of their performance and security, hey are often used in office or business environments.

Most home users, and some business environments, make use of a wireless LANA. These are often very easy to set up, require no line of sight or wiring, and the LANA adapter can be connected through a relatively easy installation process. In many cases, home users may prefer a LANA adapter with the capability of being plugged Into the USB port, simply because Its Installation requires no major expertise. It simply plugs Into the back of the computer.For those buying an Internal LANA adapter, the Installation process can be a title more complex, but still is within the capability of most computer users. It normally requires opening the case and plugging the card into an expansion slot.

Depending on the operating system and type of LANA adapter, additional software, often included with the computer hardware, may be required to ensure proper operation. Related weeklies Articles A wireless network adapter allows a computing device to join a wireless LANA. Wireless network adapters contain a built-in radio transmitter and receiver. Each adapter supports one or more of the 802.

1 a, 802. 11 b, or 802. 1 g Wi-If standards. Wireless network adapters also exist In several different form factors. Traditional EPIC wireless adapters are add-Len cards designed for Installation Inside a desktop computer having a EPIC bus.

>USB wireless adapters connect to the external USB port of a computer. Finally, so-called Card or PCMCIA wireless adapters insert into a adapter, the Links WIPING (compare prices) is shown above. Each type of wireless network adapter is small, generally less than 6 inches (0. 15 m) long.

Each provides equivalent wireless capability according to the Wi-If standard it supports.Some notebook computers are now manufactured with built-in wireless networking. Small chips inside the computer provide the equivalent functions of a network adapter. These computers obviously do not require separate installation of a separate wireless network adapter.

LANA ADAPTER expansion board that is used to connect a computer or computing device to a network. LANA adapter is the most common and generic alternate name for a Network Interface Card (NICE). However, many similar products, such as a Wireless USB LANA Adapter or a WI LANA Adapter is also called a LANA adapter.