Most of the events companies are targeting on the large organization because they are able to earn more revenues compare to target small company, this information is came from our Malaysia Central (2014)market research. However, this market is high competitive and requires specialized expert to manage. So that, Beyond Party is decided our main target segment which is the niche markets generation Y.Our main target market is between ages 20- 35 young adult which mainly the college student and fresh graduate are currently working as a part timer.

In this this category can consider they are the party lover and celebrate events every year such as birthday party, Christmas party, and many other festival days. However, those young party lovers always lack of planning, destination knowledge to open a party. Most of them are needed hire outside event planner to ease themselves and do not waste time to concentrate on site search details.Besides, we have various type of the party theme such as “Beyond Party” and also others party theme which are suitable for the crazy young generations. We hope to target early college graduates because they fit to our expertise and most of them are lower income workers.

We will help them to create their party in order to minimize their stress and their cost. These events will focus also on the high energy appeal theme and Beyond Party is depending on clients’ needs and able to generate from high revenues.Beyond party will bring the happiness and comfortable for all clients, we would connecting with Generation Y by using Social media such as Facebook, Blog and twitter because our team is young and energetic as well as we can able to understand better about their preferences, lifestyle and needs for the party. We would bring them to reach the highest satisfaction on our party and also the advertisement will bring the clearest information to them.

Besides, we are good in providing special party packages and our organization has a better opportunity to achieve the highest amount of the profit by becoming the expert party planner for everyone.Beyond party is a company that doing corporate social responsibility (CSR) and planning an events or party to meet client expectations and fulfilled their satisfaction, making their own dream events turn into reality. There are many ways for us to provide memorable social and private events for our respective clients. We are also sponsored some of the government event such as Bursa Malaysia’s annual dinner, Barisan National Event and so on.

Firstly, we will use our ability to design and set up the event nicely, our aim is to impress attractive and creative scene to our clients and surprise their guests. Besides, we also ensure that every event is well-arranged, so that every problem or disorder will not occur in that time. We also guarantee that our client’s party or event will goes smoothly and carried out punctually. To retain our client relationship with us, our management team will fulfill client’s special requirements and able to do the planning for what they are paying us. To build up a client loyalty, we are paying fully attention for what they want us to do because if there is a little mistake occurs that will make a huge difference.

We will also emphasis to client services skills such as interaction with our client because client has unpredictable power that important to grow our business. In this era science and technology, word of mouth is one of the factors that we are more concerned about because positive words will spread quickly to all the people around the world by using social media. There are many potential clients will come to us for more events and our business will expand quickly.We are warm, friendly, and solutions-oriented to do our best to make the client service experience an impressive. Beyond Party’s team is well-trained to communicate and negotiate effectively with all of the people that dealing with us. Besides, we maintain our professional mindset, attitude under a critical situation to remain calm and steady.

The important thing is to let client know that we are able to solve every problems and make the client having a good impression for our company. There is no problem for client make the last minute changes because we able to come up with the new plan and ideas to follow up the event. After the event is over, we will give out the feedback form or questionnaire to our clients through email. We will make sure that they are received the quality services from us and also we need to know what we should improve for our event services.Our company is using several promotional tools to get discounted rates with some of the Premier hotels, venues, photographers, transporters and others. We will ensure that our client can get a best of choice and affordable package to save their money.

In addition, we offer the free of charge consultation to all clients and teach them how to get started their party in an effective way. The client is entitled and get for the discounts as well as they are bring into our company by references. There is some branded company’s event giving us discounts for promoting our company name at the form of advertisement.To build up an emotional relationship with our clients as generate our business at the same time. We are fully utilizing the use of social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, and so on. We have own Beyond Party Facebook page and twitter group to update our upcoming event and promotions.

For example, our blogs will attached the previous event photo that been successes and make advertising. Lastly, we have our own website also which included a lot of information and detail such as the list of services, our business background, vision, mission and so on. Our website has also providing 3 main languages such as English, Malay and Mandarin for our Malaysian visitors and leads our client to languages they most preferred. Therefore, our clients could surf in our website with a comfortable way. (Appendix 8)Event Planning Fees Based on a Flat Project Rate: Generally, we will determine what the client’s need and what services that will be covered for that party or event.

Therefore, we will charge the flat project fees for each event according to the several factors which included operating expenses, rental venue, and time of planning and so on. There are many clients prefer to know how much a project will cost according to their package without the “hidden” expenses.Besides, we able to let clients know what exactly they are getting for the event. Beyond Party is a new event company and our client might not established a trust with us. Therefore, we are using penetration pricing strategy to set a price lower than eventual market price to attract new clients. Most of the clients willing switch to the new product or services due to lower price.

We will serve them as well as we can and provide them better services with reasonable prices in order to make them feel comfortable for our services.