SMART objectives: - Specific - There Is a clear definition, containing a number where s M - Measurable - This means that the achievement of failure of the task measured Seibel can be A - Achievable - Agreed relate to targets given to you by others R - Realistic - The target has to be sensible, so It is possible for you to do It In the required time frame T - Timed related - For every smart objective there should be a date when the objective should be completed by Primary Sector - G & B Kendall & Sons Aim: Profit mastication Objective: To increase their sales by 10% over the next 12 months.Secondary Sector - BMW Aim: To make the company the global motor vehicle market, Tertiary Sector - Sad, part of Walter Aim: To provide goods and services which are cheap and affordable to public costumers.

Objective: To have the prices 10% lower than anywhere else in the next 24 months. Sad Stores Ltd. Is British supermarket chain which retails food, clothes, general merchandise, toys and financial services.The purpose of setting Sad's aim and objectives Is for them to achieve something specific.

Aim is the goal to achieve something for long term, however the objective is of them are often linked together. If the company does not achieve the aims and objectives, it could lose customers and therefore sales. The worst case scenario could be they will fall behind other supermarkets and would have to make some staff redundant or they may sell off their products ad services to other competitors.