A Design For A Leaflet For A Day Care Centre You Would Like To Run BY Retaliatory 1 . Describe a design for a leaflet for a Day Care centre you would like to run. Front cover At the top of the page will read what's on guide, and the dates that the guide runs from and ends.

A picture of a fuzzy bear will be in the middle. The address will be In the bottom left hand corner, and the telephone number will be across the bottom. Inside front cover Going across the top of the page, will be Monday to Friday. Underneath the days will say mornings, then underneath that will have what's on ACH day with times, age range and.They will all be in their own box with a boarder around so they all stand out.

Middle page Will have afternoon underneath what's on boxes for the morning. Then it will have what's on for each day in the afternoon with times, age range. They all will be in their own box with a boarder around so that they all stand out Just like the morning boxes but with deferent satellites. Inside of back page Will have the cost per activity, which will be In Its own box and highlighted with a reader around it so it stands out.Any special events that are coming up in the 1 OFF they are available in groups for app per item. Back page Will have other useful information about different adult groups we run e.

G. Quit smoking with times and dates. Options for the future e. G. Volunteering, learning etc.

Back Middle page Will have all about free vitamins for pregnant women and children under 5, and how to collect them. Also ante- natal information and services we provide. Bottom of the page will have our email address and our website.