Hurry! Give her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. I can hear someone scream: well that is not the only thing I can hear. I can hear the siren and footsteps of people rushing here and there. Now the sounds are beginning to faint and my entire body is aching. It hurts a lot but I cannot really tell where, now all I can hear are my own thoughts. I feel lightweight. I have no control over myself. I am drifting away to someplace and amazing thing is that I feel secure, while light surrounds me and it’s very quite. I guess it all started when my parents left for Canada and I being the only child had to stay home alone. A dream come true, I had through to myself: I was so happy, now I could go anywhere I wanted to, go to every party in town or better yet, through a party of my own. I spent few days doing nothing and handing out here and there. Then the day came: I was invited to go to the biggest beach party in town with my friends. So I gathered myself, surf board, suntan lotion etc and left. We reached there at around 10:00 am. I knew no one around a bit, those people were new to me but I still manage to mingle. The Party was going great, people were laughing, dancing and simply letting go of themselves. Later everyone decided to go for a swim, so I went along, splashing here and there, and life seemed nothing but a beautiful dream. The guys decided to go in deeper but I did not want to go, nor I wanted anyone to think I was a chicken. So being extra cautions I went but tried to stay a little behind. I wasn’t afraid. I just wanted to be careful. The guys were just playing around when a massive wave hit us, knocking everyone towards the shore, except me. I could not believe what was happening to me, some force was pulling me towards as if it wanted me down there. Water began to surround me eyes, they hurt so bad that now I could not even see anything. I tried my best to regain control but it was all in vain. I could see people far away, frantically running here and there but no one dare come for my rescue. I was really tired and I wanted to let go, and that’s what exactly I did and it felt good. I don’t remember what happened next but I could feel myself being dragged somewhere by someone. Presently I do not die, where I am but if it definitely not the sea. God! I hope I do not die what will become of me? And what about my family, they do not even know where I am, would I ever see them again God! Please help me get through this.