Country rock is one of the most popular music today and is formed from a combination of blues and rhythm with the country music (Scaruffi, 2009).

Many people think that rock music started in the late 1960s, but it originated in the mid 1950s, and was launched by a man known as Chuck Berry (RRimarketer, 2011). This music became rapidly popular, and was much welcomed by young peoples, due to excitement and their wishes to enhance anti-conformism (RRimarketer, 2011). In the late 1960 to 1970s, country music reached its greatest popularity. Just like any other music, country rock has thus far grown and attracted many fans from around the globe.

It is important to note that rock music originated from the country rock music (Scaruffi, 2009). However, there exist some differences between country rock and rock music, especially with regard to how the audiences see themselves in terms of the larger society. This paper will analyze the differences that exist between the country rock fans and the rock fans in general. Difference between the Country Rock Fans and the Rock Fans in General Rock music evolved from the country rock music and from the blues and rhythm (RRimarketer, 2011). However, its split included different instrumentation along with a more rebellious mindset, which many analysts view as a key strategy to target the teens. Country rock music is old, but has however remained to be a niche genre (RRimarketer, 2011).

This is so considering the fact that rock music has grown and has spread to almost all regions around the globe, while country music has remained to be influential within the rural areas as most of the urban audiences have disregarded it. In addition, analysts postulate that country music has few subgenres compared to rock, and thus is viewed to be less diverse (McPherson, 2000). In addition, each genre contains different dancing styles, whereby country is associated with square dancing whereas rock is comprised of twist or head banging. Basically, the key advantage of rock music is that it contains no clear boundaries and can incorporate any kind of music without regard to its origin. This has therefore made it a more popular type of music as its popularity has continued to expand (Warner, 2011).There are some differences within the cultures associated with each of these music genres.

These cultural differences have gone deeper and penetrated with regard to how the audience view themselves. People who have their preference on country music are often considered to be uncivilized and considered to be living on the farm, wearing cowboy boots and most probably driving trucks (McPherson, 2000). They are also considered to be hunters as they live on rural areas. On the other hand, the people that listen to rock music are often viewed by the society as most probably those residing in the suburbs, wearing concert t-shirts, driving a camaro and like going to shows or concerts (McPherson, 2000).

They are often given a higher social status within the society. This is basically due to the fact that rock music is often played in concerts as it targets the youths as its is most liked by these individuals. On the other hand country music has soft lyrics and is thus preferred by the rural populations as they considered having a preference of a cooler life (Collier, 2010). In addition, the country rock fans involve the female populations since this is a softer type of music with some blues and rhythm (Warner, 2011). Rock is considered as a hard type of music aas it has some hard sounds with lots of distorted musical instruments such as guitars. The rock music sound is always loud and hard (Collier, 2010).

On the other hand, country rock music is a more relaxing and soothing type of music. The soothing and relaxing aspect was basically incorporated in order to target the female audience as well as those who have a preference on a softer type of music. Therefore, while rock music seems to be louder and often fast-paced, country rock music has a steady beat. This has thus attracted the female audience into the rock type of music as its beats are softer (Collier, 2010).

From the above analysis, country music kicks back its roots after the Second World War, in 1950s. Afterwards, its popularity grew rapidly especially in the late 1960s to 1970s, and this was attributed by younger generations who were very much excited with the country music (RRimarketer, 2011). The founding father of country music, Chuck Berry built a strong background of his music, thus attracting a huge number of fans across and the globe, as well as other musicians (Scaruffi, 2009). However, it is apparent that there is a difference from the country rock fans and the rock fans in general. The country rock fans are considered to be the uncivilized rural dwellers that have a preference of a cooler type of life.

This is because rock music is hard and loud considering the fact that it is often accompanied by distorted guitars, while country rock music seems to be often and relaxing (Collier, 2010). Conversely, rock music is associated with the urban dwellers who like to go to concerts and shows. It thus follows that rock music fans view themselves as the civilized part of the society while the country rock fans are the uncultured component of the society (RRimarketer, 2011).