Elementary School in Corrode, Georgia. She moved to Corrode from Tampa, Florida with her family. Her parent's names are Margarita and Hullo. She has two brothers named Marco and Anthony. She has a sister named Angelina. She did not migrate to the United States.

She was born in Tampa Florida. She is a quiet student. The primary language spoken In the home Is Spanish. She Is modest, observant, intelligent, encouraging, confident, and patient Her parents speak very little English.

The children sometimes translate things that they do not understand.The father often uses hand gestures when talking so that others can understand him. He and Margarita are now taking classes to improve their English skills. Catalina does have any special needs. She has trouble pronouncing some words and enunciating the She Is on her current grade level making exceptional grades. She works well with other students, but the students sometimes have to ask her to repeat herself.

Use this website to do paper towpath. Alliance. Brown. Du/pubs/NCR/ dells_implications. PDF. And light grey.

It also has some gold writing on the lower right of the home page.There is a box in the center right of the page that changes content related to the purpose every five seconds. Some of the content contains writing along with pictures. The Schoolteacher.

Org website does serves Its purpose of presenting the information teachers need in order to effectively include the Common Core Standards when giving instruction to a classroom of students. Some of the links within the website have colorful pages with pictures. There are different colors that go with different links. The link for "Reading Between the Lines: What the ACT Reveals About College Readiness," is red, white and gray.There are pictures and graphs that help the audience interpret the Information being presented. There are line graphs, bar graphs, and pie charts.

There are several graphs present data on different aspects of student learning. There are research and articles available on the website for review. The viewer can access the different articles on the research that was conducted to gather the information on the website. The research ranges from reading to math.

The research ranges from 1971 through 2010. The website is pet up to date and so is the research.The latest data present Is from I find the research for this website to be very credible. I consider it credible because there is evidence to support the articles that were written.

"We are a nonprofit organization that assembles educators and researchers to design actions based on evidence that substantially improve student achievement (Achievement. Org, 2013). The organization does not accept money from publishers or compete for state or district educators and teachers to design actions based on evidence that will substantially improve student achievement (Achievement. Org, 2013).The information is researched and comes from teachers who have used the methods in their own classrooms.

The teachers can use the information from the research and articles on the website and adjust it to what they are going to be teaching. They can modify the information they have learned or found to fit their needs for their classroom of students. I think this can make the website very valuable to teachers, especially when they can modify or make changes to meet their needs and their student's learning needs. The website was very easy to navigate.

The information that I was looking for was present and easy to find.The links within the website accessed the information that I was looking for and it did not require me to click on other sub- links. The articles that I reviewed were free of errors and were current. One purpose of the website is to keep the information on the website current and up to date. Some of the charts and graphs had data ranging from 1981 through 2012. It is a great way to keep teachers up to date with the changes that takes place within the Common Core Standards.

The link lists the Common Core Standards in two forms. It lists them in a PDF form and in an interactive link.There are also links to other sources that can prove to be helpful to the viewer. It has links that can help teachers grow professionally, improve instructional practice, help with aligning materials to the Common Core State Standards, and parent resources. I would recommend this website to a parents, community members, and fellow teachers because it has some valuable information that will be great to use within the educational setting.

It is also a great way to get parents informed about what the Common Core State Standards re and resources that can help them provide at home help to their child or children.This website has information that will allow teachers to grow in their profession which will help them to become the best possible educator possible. In conclusion, the website is not appealing to the viewer at first sight. There are links to other pages that are more appealing. There are graphs and data collected based on the research of teachers and other researchers. The website can be used to keep up with the changes to the Common Core State Standards and examples of best practices to use in the classroom.