Branded Bitcoin Wallet Launched for Georgia Tech University by PheevaLove Will, Inc is the team behind the very popular Pheeva bitcoin wallet.

This wallet is designed specifically for students registered at Georgia Tech University.The new Bitcoin wallet is called ‘the Jacket Wallet.’ It is a custom bitcoin wallet and features Georgia Tech‘s signature colors: navy blue and gold. The wallet will require the users to have their campus email address if they wish to enroll.The new wallet was officially revealed at a kick-off event arranged for the school’s own dedicated Bitcoin group.

The group is called the [email protected] The event was held on 24 September of this and had a special the Bitcoin 101 session.The Bitcoin101 session featured representatives from Pheeva and BitPay, a Georgia-based payment processor. It also had 50 university students as representative.The ambitious founder of [email protected], Mallika Sen, who is also a former BitPay intern, said in an interview that he expects that more students will be interested if they have the option to use the wallet.

The gamification elements ought to attract many people.She stated that there is a wide variety of students and other people who show interest in bitcoin. They are all very encouraging.He explained that students who download the bitcoin wallet will be able to join the COG Cooperative as well. COG Cooperative is a dedicated social network site that will reward the users based on how they help the network’s promotion.

Basically, the wallet will make money through advertisements, but students will be paid a share of this revenue based on their participation points.The project is unique, and it is possible that it is the first of many such projects to launch at universities all over the US.Together Love Will Inc and The Bitcoin Society, a bitcoin outreach and charity group, announced a merger along with the wallet’s launch.Their combined businesses will operate as Love Will, Inc. The businesses’ main aim for fall is to replicate the custom wallet launch at universities all over the US.

This merger brings Love Will and The Bitcoin Society’s operational strengths under the same roof. This will help the group continue to push its mass rollout model.Jeff Handler, business development consultant at Love Will Inc told in an interview that there is a demand for crypto currency launches of such kind. He noted that Georgia Tech is the leading one.

He couldn’t state which colleges they were working with specifically but he assured that the company is working to bring the special model to every campus that wants to adopt bitcoin.As the grassroots support already exists in US colleges for digital currency, the project could gain a lot of traction.The number of bitcoin organizations led by students is increasing today. Many colleges also offer digital currency courses now and some even accept bitcoin as payment for select services.

According to Handler, The Love Will approach incorporates a grassroots strategy. Handler admitted that he decided to merge his operations with those of Pheeva only after he realized that both the companies had the same vision.