Name: Melissa Flores Tile: Corporal punishment Date: 3/4/13 Do you believe hitting your own students is a good idea? There was a little girl named Jessica and she was being abused at home and in school. She had enough and went through depression and at the end she killed herself. First of all it can increase the amount of violence, Secondly, you never know if that kid gets abused at home and lastly, in the United States it can be consider child abuse.

No one should ever hit kids especially those that aren’t yours if you don’t feed them or take care of them what gives you the right to put your hands on them? Violence isn’t just bad it can lower a child’s self-esteem and you never know if that poor kid gets abused at home. Recently there was an accident about a young man who killed his mom in the school and innocent kids due to the fact his mom would abuse him, and he also had mental problems. Not a lot of people know why he did that but it was confirmed that his mom was abusing him and that poor man couldn’t take it no more.

Teachers shouldn’t put their hands on stranger kids just because you teach those kid’s doesn’t mean you have the right to hit them. Another reason why teachers should put their hands on student is because it increases the amount of violence we have to the United States. The United States is not just known for freedom of speech it’s also known as a dangerous country due to the fact millions of people are getting killed every day. Behind every mistreated person there is always a sad story. Violence isn’t funny and it shouldn’t be considered a joke.

Sadly even teenager’s get arrested for crimes of death and drugs, and sadly the most common reason is because they had a bad childhood or due to the lack of depression. Do you believe we need to increase this violence even more due to the teachers now? Lastly hitting a child in the United States is known as child abuse. This law is taken very seriously by the country parents don’t even have the right to hit their kids because some teenager’s believe it or not call the cops on their own parents.

This law is no joke if you hit an underage child parents go to jail and face about 10 years depending how bad the abuse was. If a kid is under 18 they get sent to a foster home. I wouldn’t want that to grow up without my own mother next to me, so imagine being a teacher you wouldn’t just lose your job and school licenses you will go to jail for many years and will leave your family behind. Let’s say you’re a teacher with kids and no husband your kids will get sent to a foster home and you will never see your own kids ever again.

The United States take their laws very seriously would you want to face the consequences for hitting a child that’s not even yours? Should teacher have a Corporal punishment right? I disagree because first of all it increases the amount of violence, secondly hitting a child is known as child abuse and lastly it can increase a child self-esteem because you never know if that child is getting abused at home. Corporal punishment should be allowed at all and it shouldn’t be considered because a lot of kid get abused at home now at school too.