Computers make our lives much easier in a variety of ways. They save time and if used properly, money. Because of this, computer skills are now a necessity, not a convenience. This is a fact because the computer is a great reference source, a productive tool, and provides the invaluable use of the Internet.

First of all, the computer is a wonderful, convenient reference source. Encyclopedia s that used to take up 20 volumes can be put on one compact disc. Also 3-D programs allow things that were difficult to teach with paper and pencil feasible with a simple click of the mouse. And most importantly, there are now programs that interact with people allowing for much easier use and enjoyment. These are just a few of the things that make computers a beneficial reference source.

Next, the computer can be used as a productive tool. Word processors make typewriters and dictionaries obsolete. Also computer art makes drawings clear and precise. Finally, accessories like the scanner make many of today s tedious tasks as simple as point and click. Ultimately, probably the most important aspect of computers today, is the Internet. Initially, it allows for broader search horizons and collaboration amongst many people.

In addition it gives people all over the world a chance to communicate much more inexpensively. And lastly, it allows people to keep current so their knowledge is always up to date. With this we can see that the Internet is indeed, a powerful aspect of computers today. In conclusion, we, knowing these facts, can see that computer skills are a necessity.

Because of it s use as a productivity tool, reference system, and Internet access, we should all recognize the benefits of computer skills. After all computers are only machines. We should control them, rather than they