The rapid growth of computers In field of technology Is truly remarkable. Computerized software is considered as assets in any working environment.

Now we can see computers everywhere, in school, different establishment and also is a field of business. Even doctors, engineers and accountant use computers in their daily routine. It Is because computes made the work a lot easier and faster. These are noted for Its capacity to store large amount of Information. Computerizing Is also simplifying the task of the user for the proposed system.

One of the advancement hat has been effectively improved with the use of computers is database handling on which the proponents will mostly deal with In building the computerized Information Recording and billing System. The existing manual system of Bureau of Animals industry is time consuming. The emphasis of the study is to make Job easier and accessible for users of the proposed system, with he increasing number of client. The Laboratory Services Division recognized the upgrade Its service through computerizing as part of their mission.However, with the volume of sales and transaction everyday, processing and nagging the customer needs.

This is the reason why we conduct a research for a computerized system that will process their business transaction in fast and accurate way minimizing the process of preparing documents, "Information Recording and Billing System for Bureau of Animal Industry', will focus on providing the company a tool that will help them a lot in addressing the need of customers and in securing their recording information of customers. The system will be designed to provide an efficient means of processing and dealing transaction with the customers.The Bureau of Animal Industry had its beginning in Panacea Manila, where Malignant Park Is currently situated. The Bureau of Animal Industry In Panacea, Manila is a big compound and it is where their had it all happened. Then it was transferred to DRAB building, Sat.

Mesa Manila. Finally, ABA was transferred and is currently located at Visas Avenue, Dilemma, Guenon City, ABA may have transferred from one location to another but It has never failed to fulfill Its role In the Animal Industry. Everywhere ABA went; It has brought success and great pride to Philippine Society.And so ABA was created by virtue of R. A.

3639 of the Philippines Legislature on January 1, 1930. In accordance to section 5 of the said act, the original Bureau of Animal Industry is composed of four Divisions. Animal Disease Control Division Animal, Husbandry Division, Veterinary Research Division and Administrative Division. Bureau of Animal Industry was handled and governed by DRP.

Stanton 1 OFF the whole Department of Agriculture went through a series of structural and organizational changes, Several Organizational changes were also achieved by ABA. In 1932, by virtue of another Reorganization Act in 1932 Act no. 007, the Bureau was organized into five entities: Office of the Director including the General Services and Record Section, Animal Husbandry Division, Animal Disease Control Division, Veterinary Research Division, and Animal Products Division. Through the years the Bureau underwent several more changes.

Today, the Bureau has expanded to seven technical divisions, namely: the Animal Health Division (formerly the Regulation and Control Division), the Animal Feeds Standard Division (formerly the Animal Feed Control Division), the Dairy Development Division, the Livestock Division (formerly the Livestock and Poultry Propagation Division), theLaboratory Division, the Market Development Division, and the Research Division. In addition, the office of the Director has widened its scope of responsibilities to now include the Special Projects Services and Foreign Assisted Projects. Interesting to note, Bureau of Animal Industry had on its lap since 1930 the exclusive responsibility of eradicating or continuing Animal Disease from affecting the country livestock farms like Ringsiders (that used to decimate entire cattle populations); Rabies; Hog Cholera; Avian Flu and other pests; Chicken Pox; Hemorrhagic Skepticism and many others.And now, the Bureau of Animal Industry is celebrating its Diamond Anniversary last 2005 and now is celebrating 77 years. Their current system works manually; records of the clients are filed according to their daily transaction.

It is the reason why recording and keeping those record caused a big predicament in their Laboratories, on their part as the key personnel who works on the files and managing the laboratories at the same time. Managing this numerous records is one of their problems in the existing manual system.Different errors arises in the existing system such as human error on recording files, joss of files, more paper woks, inefficient, redundancy and working with a single record takes about time before it completely finished the transaction everyday. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM The following statements are the major and specific problems in existing system: 1. How may the existing information system be describe in the terms of : a. Lose data of clients.

B. In accurate billing statements. C. No security for the users. D.

Fast retrieval of data. 2.What are the problems encountered in the existing information system. 3.

Features of the proposed system: a. Organized data-base for the information data of all the clients. B. Generates as accurate billing statement of clients.

C. A surname and password for the security of files. 4. How do the users evaluate the existing system and the proposed system in terms of Technical, Operational and Economical. 5. Is there a significant difference between ASSUMPTION In this study the proponents want to develop a system that will enhance the original system.

The system will be able to handle simple task such as: 1 . The proposed system will provide accurate information in consultation and Laboratory test. 2. It will provide users with quick and accurate information about recording of files, records, and report. 3.

The tedious, task of manual hands of the user in their paper work will minimize. Transaction. 4. Compute bills and record sales 5. The problem in executing a transaction or researching records in short possible time will be anticipated.

6. The system is technically, economically, and operationally feasible for implementation.SCOPE AND DELIMITATION The proposed study intends, to provide a computerized system that would help the Laboratory Services Division, this study will relieve the data retrieval, data organization and the accurate billing for there clients. The proposed system is stand- alone and functional software product designed only for the Laboratory Services Division of the Bureau of Animal Industry.

The information system was designed with a billing system for the accurate computation of bills of the clients; reports will be based on daily transactions. The system can print and save information.New information can be added, edited and deleted. It has also a report for the bill statement. Security password is implemented and user account is needed for security purposes.

Official receipt is not generated by the system and a very user friendly interface for the old employee of the agency. The proposed system is not a LANA-based system. The account assigned is by the position of the user in the agency. The programming language used was Visual Basic v. 6 for more user friendliness interface and Microsoft access for the database. SIGNIFICANT OF THE STUDY The following are the importance and significance of the proposed system.

Agency. This proposal can be the way to improve the existing system used by the agency. The agency will experience a diverse approach on processing their data organization. The study will help to have a faster process, to secure all information during transaction, and to lessen problems encountered during computing billing payments. Employees.

The user can improve or enhance their knowledge and ability in using computer. It will help them to lessen their work during the processing of billing payments. Generating of reports will now be easier and the errors can be lessened.Assurance for the data that is filed in everyday transaction. Society.

It will folds and maintain the records of the client. Hopefully users who gain knowledge room this may recommend this software in others. Proponents. This study was been influence by other developed system from the previous years and of the continuing changes in our technology today. This study helps the proponents to enhance their knowledge and applied their skills in designing their own system. Future Researchers: Future researchers may and can use this study as a reference to their own studies.

As the proponents did in conducting this study, future researchers can refer to the study to be able to get some ideas on designing one of their own. DEFINITION OF TERMS The following terms are defined for precise interpretation of data from the study. Authorized. To give authority or official power to; empower: to authorize an employee to sign purchase orders. Animals.

Is a species live on earth; they can be dog, cat, birds, fish, etc. Bureau. A division of a government office or an independent administrative unit. Computerizing. Is a process of automation.

Client. A customer. Data. Any information as that processed by a computer.Files. Is a collection data.

Industry. Systematic work or labor. Information System. Is a system used to inform about a certain topic. Input.

Data to be entered into a computer for processing. Laboratory. A room or building equipped for scientific experimentation or research. Output. Information in a form suitable for transmission from internal to external units of a computer, or to an outside medium. Managing.

Is a process of supervising a particular department or works. Manual System. Is a system of processing without use of computers. Microsoft access. Is a tool in a Microsoft office.

Programmers.Is a person who build software and programs. Record. Is a group of files. Report. Is output information Technology.

The branch of knowledge that deals with the creation and use of technical means and their interrelation with life, society, and the environment, drawing upon such subjects as industrial arts, engineering, applied science, and pure science. Transaction. The published records of the proceedings, as papers read, addresses delivered, or discussions, at the meetings of a learned society or the like. Software. Is a program. Visual Basic.

An object- oriented programming language used to develop applications that technically our on.