The first computer was called the MANIAC, which was built during World War II 1943-1946). These early computers used vacuum tubes and were very large (sometimes room size) and only found In businesses, unlettered, or governments. Later, computers began utilizing transistors as well as smaller and cheaper parts that allowed the common person to own their own computer. This history of computers and related topics can be found on our history page.

Today, computers help make Jobs that used to be complicated much simpler. For example. User can write letters In a word processor and edit any portion of the utter anytime, spell check the letter, and move text from another document into the letter, etc. This Is Just one of the millions of deferent things a computer is capable of doing. What components make a computer? Today's computers are often comprised with some or all of the below components (hardware).

As technology advances, older technologies such as the floppy disk drive and ZIP drive (both shown below) are no longer required or Included with computers.Example of front of computer case Bay Case or Chassis optical drive: Blue-ray, CD-ROOM, CD-R, CD-RAW, or DVD CPU (processor) Floppy disk drive Hard drive Keyboard Memory (RAM) Microphone Monitor, LCD, or other display device Motherboard Mouse Printer Sound card 1 OFF Video card Inside of the computer What does the inside of a computer look like? Connections A diagram of the back of a personal computer and a brief description of the computer connections can also be found on our connection definition. Peripherals A peripheral is any accessory or add-on that can be attached to your computer, but is to required.For example, a computer printer is a perfect example of a peripheral.

See the peripheral definition for a full list of peripherals that can be attached to your computer. Variations of computers When talking about a computer or a "PC" you are usually referring to a traditional computer that you would find in a home or office. However, today the lines of what makes a computer are blurring. Below, are all the different examples of what is considered a computer today.

Embedded computers - The most commonly found and used computer.An embedded computer is a computer with a specific function found in such things as cars, microwaves, TV's, the VS., and other home electronics. Personal computer (aka Desktop) Laptop, portable, notebook computer Notebook PDA Server Smart phone Tablet Diskless workstation and Thin client Mainframe or Supercomputer Related pages How does a computer work? How do I setup a new computer? Basic computer troubleshooting.

Additional information with installing computer hardware. When was the first computer invented? What makes a computer fast and powerful? All computer questions and answers.