They may also work for a large computer corporation developing new software ND/or improving older versions of these programs.

Programmers write specific programs by breaking down each step into a logical series of hours of writing programs, the programmer must follow. After long hours of writing programs, the programmer must thoroughly testing and revising It. The salary and pay of computer programming Is what Is most appealing about It. It Is one of the highest paid Jobs straight out of college.

I can support myself and live well right after college.Since the starting salary for computer programming is around $40,000. If you work for Microsoft, you'll get around $55,000 plus stock options and a substantial bonus at the end of the year. The more money I make, the happier I'll be. I can also sell my stocks later when it's worth a lot and get more money. Money Is an Important part of my life and computer programming will let me reach my goals.

Work hours are very regular in Computer Programming. You work 8 to 9 hours a day, 5 days a week. Usually you get about 45-48 hours per week sometimes more to meet crucial deadlines.I like this because I can plan vacations and set appointments with ease because I know the day when I am off. Computer programming has the same basic work hours as any other office worker.

There are a lot of benefits working as a computer programmer. Usually you get medical and dental coverage insurance. So if I get sick, and I go to the doctors, I won't have to pay a dime. I can maintain my health and keep my body condition at an optimal level. Usually if you work for a mid-sized company, you'll also get 401 K or some other kind like it.

When I get old, I won't have to worry about money so much because I know I have 401 K. Of course the downside of It Is I have to pay for It before I get old in my monthly salary. Benefit is a major consideration when choosing your career. The lifestyle of a computer programmer is very plain.

You go to work everyday and are usually In an office. I would prefer a more exciting lifestyle. But with the high pay, who cares, I can Just live on the weekends. Because of the high pay, most computer am a very materialistic person. And I like owning nice house and cars.

This would also mean I'll be happy at work because I know I am making money. There are a lot of characteristics as a computer programmer. You have to be very detail oriented. The slightest mistake or error and your programs are not going to work and you have to start over again. It's crucial that you see everything in your program by Just scamming over the weird little symbols. You also must have strong logic ability.

Which is to think solution no one has ever thought of. You have to invent new ways to stay up with the technology. Invent new technology is vital in Computer Programming.Employers look for people who can think logically and can have audience when doing analytical work. As for education required for computer programming.

Most people have a Bachelors or Master degree in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering. It's getting harder and harder to get into those two majors in college since everybody like a high paying job. And it's also very hard to graduate because the curriculums for the class are very intense. Some people are successful with an associates degree. But it is very difficult to find the opportunity since most companies do require a college graduate degree.

Also many employers prefer to hire someone with previous experience in the field. I think I would get a Bachelors degree in Computer Science. You'll get a lot of experiences working as a computer programmer. You'll experience long work hours in a small cubical office.

You have to work overtime to get a project done. And usually you don't get overtime pay. But on the plus side, you will get to learn exciting new cutting-edge technology. Such as the new Intel chip sets and new computer languages.

You get to stay on top of thing more than the rest of the people.It would be nice to know more things than other people. The Computer programming field is not an easy line of work to be successful in nor is it an easy one to get into. This Job requires a lot of demands as a person such as: working late hours, writing complex programs that sometimes don't always work properly, the patience, and the time needing to be a successful computer programmer.

The need for computer programmers will increase as business, government, schools, and scientific organizations seek new applications for computer software and improvements already in use.