Information and communication Technology can be a powerful tool in providing information to support different issues in the society. This can be achieved through: E- mail On line Publications Networking Video conferencing Distance education etc.

Step 2: Students are asked to define CIT Step 3: Teacher explains some of the CIT tools. Step 4: Teacher explains the significance of CIT in the society Step 5: Students are seed to mention some other ways that CIT has helped the society apart from the ones mentioned in the class.Evaluation: Mention any other ways by which CIT has transformed the society List the CIT tools ASS 3 Average Age: 12 years Number System Identification of different number systems Essential Computer Studies book 1 by Odium 0. 0; pages 177-179 Computer Teaching methods: Explanation, teaching and discussion Identify different bases in the numbering system (it) Write numbers in different bases Entry Behavior: Students have been taught digital devices NUMBER BASES A number system to the base a, where a is appositive integer, is a system consisting of the digits O, 1,2, 3.


..The number system include binary scale ( base 2), decimal (base 10), octal base (80 and hexadecimal (base 16). Decimal Number System The decimal number system is a number in base 10, and make use of digits O.

1, 2, 3, Binary number A binary system is a system of numbers written in base 2. The digits in base 2 are So and Is which are important in the computer age, because computers are made in the mechanism of a two - way device system. Octal System The octal system is a system in base 8.The digits consists of any number x in base 8 Hexadecimal Hexadecimal system is any number in base 16.

They have the following digit; presentation: Step 2: Teacher explains the importance of numbering system Step 3: Students are shown the different methods of numbering system Step 4: Teacher explains the differences in writing the different number bases Step 5: Students are given evaluation questions Evaluation:. What is the importance of the binary number systems Write out the four important number bases you know and how they are written.