Maria Andrea Trujillo Villatoro A01321564 Homework COMPARISON BETWEEN IPAD 3 AND GALAXY TAB 2 Tablets are portable, slim, internet-connected computers. They are bigger than smart phones but operate in a similar way with touch screens and downloadable apps. They generally differ from laptops and net-books by having no built-in keyboard, and being thinner and lighter. Tablets are primarily designed for interactive entertainment, whether that’s listening to music, watching movies, reading e-books, playing games or surfing the web.

If we compare the iPad 3 and the Galaxy Tab 2, we can notice that the iPad 3 has a 4:3 aspect ratio Retina display while the Galaxy Tab has a widescreen display. The iPad 3 still retains the 9. 7-inch screen, but the pixels are the double now, reaching 1536 x 2048 pixels. The high amount of pixels gives a better visual experience, including sharper images and text. In addition, the 4:3 aspect ratio display works well in browsing the webpages compared to a widescreen display. You are able to view more content on the screen without scrolling the page down.

Additionally, the iPad 3 has a better rated camera compared to the Galaxy, because the Ipad has 5 megapixels while the Galaxy has 3. 15-megapixels. Plus, it is equipped with a 2. 4 aperture lens that allows more light to hit the image sensor, resulting in clearer and sharper images. The camera is also capable of recording a 1080p full HD video which its competitor could not. The iPad 3 also offers LTE support in addition to the usual 3G and WiFi connectivity. Despite having a bigger battery capacity, Ipad is 11560 and Galaxy is 7000 mAh.

The Ipad is still thinner than the Galaxy Tab 2 (10. 1). On the other hand, the Galaxy Tab 2 is great for watching movies with its widescreen display. Unlike the iPad 3, it has a microSD card slot that accepts cards up to 32GB. Each tablet is running on their respective operating system. The iPad 3 runs on iOS 5. 1 and the Galaxy Tab 2 runs on Android 4. 0. Both are equally powerful platforms, and it is subject to the individual’s preference to pick either one. Pricing-wise, expect the iPad 3 have a steeper price than the Galaxy Tab 2.

The Galaxy Tab 2 (10. 1) is definitely a decent tablet for the price-conscious, but those who expect more from a tablet should go for the iPad 3. In conclusion I think that like all electronics, any tablet has pros and cons. Among the pros we can found that they are very portable, easy to handle, quickly to switch on, lots of apps to choose and more and the cons can be that they are quite expensive, some don’t have 3G connectivity and typing is not as easy as on a laptop, but now this devices have become very common among people.