In this research, my main direction is analysis Samsung Galaxy Round’s marketing. In this respect I must research information about the current market about cellphones. Then I will use some ways to elaborate how to earn profit and how to win the market. So my methods are use market analysis and SWOT to have a product positioning. It can help Samsung Galaxy Round possess market share in Smartphone industry. According to information that I gathered, I find the mobile phone market share always occupied by several companies Apple, HTC, Nokia, and Samsung. This market is very favorable for our product sales. We have to seize the opportunity to sale our product.


In my research, my aims are that how to sale our product Samsung Galaxy Round very well and analysis the market benefits for us. Samsung Galaxy Round is our flagship product. First this product has the most basic function calling, using internet, texting, taking photos or videos and playing games. Second you can enjoy your calling because its special design that is use curved display. It can more fit for people's faces, unlike the normal smart phone. We research and development this product for business people, fashion people, and some people who like the early adopters. In smartphone marketing the most important key factor are popularity, hardware configuration and our design.

If we have all of them and do them very well so I think we can win! The reason why I choose this product, this product was the first to used Flexible Display, it’s a new technology. Also it’s an ergonomically product. In the current market Samsung Company’s share is the highest, it reached 29.7% in 2013 smartphone total shipments.

SWOT analysis (alternatively SWOT Matrix) is a planning method used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a business venture.4Ps (product, Price, Place, Promotion) is Marketing Mix used to describe the tactical marketing resources which are within a company’s control and which may be used to achieve the strategic objectives. (GAC012, 2013) Marketing mix is very significant for our company, through this report I want find a good marketing mix for our product Samsung Galaxy Round to improve their performance in the Taiyuan smartphone market.


I collected information from many internets; include the official Samsung website and online recourses. Also, I also found some really store like Taiyuan Samsung store and some Electronics malls. And asked their manager some questions about marketing Mix, it can help me to understand the Samsung Company’s Marketing Mix. Then I interview my uncle who working in the Samsung Company. It can help me to organize information for my research and the information that I needed to come up with the two marketing mixes

Round has the most advance technology than other smart phones! 4.0 Discussion The first curved screen phone Samsung Galaxy Round finally realized after overcoming various difficulties, have to say, as of today's smart phone industry giants, Samsung with the Samsung Galaxy Round once again proved his dominance. Samsung on the quality of the famous Samsung digital products give users a lot of good quality dubbed impression on the corporate brand customers subconscious is very important, which is one reason for the success of the Samsung brand positioning, this one is also fully embodies the Samsung brand value. Then I interviewed some customers. Include: my father, my head teacher, A1301’s student. By my assessment, they are all interested in this product. Some of them want buy this product in 1 month. The most important thing is most of them want use Android System.

Conclusions and recommendations

According to this report and analysis, the second marketing mix is very well, because it has stronger marketing mix. In our example, because the development of technology, people like use the Internet to buy everything, rather than go to store. It is not difficult and tedious for customers, and Samsung Company made Samsung Galaxy Round’s price. It cause that people want to use the Internet more to buy Samsung Galaxy Round. It can threaten other smart phone company, and another company has to sell their product at a low price in order to attract consumers. It can make other companies become Samsung Company’s opponent. Like LG G Flex, its price is lower than the Samsung Galaxy Round 1,099 Yuan.

Maybe this 1,099 Yuan will let Samsung Company loss lots of customers. But our product’s hardware maybe can offset our price disadvantage. This marketing mix will improve Samsung company’s competitive edges. When this company’s product use lower price than other company and invited some star to represent our company or product, they can get winning in the trade war. And the brand effect also is a very necessary point for sale product very well and capture the market share. At the moment these competitive edges will attract more customers and improve the fame of Samsung Company and increase sales.