Compare and contrast reading a book and watching a film. With references to “touching the void” and another book. Books and movies have similarities and differences. When we read a book we create a visual image in our heads, whereas when we watch a movie the image is already created. In “touching the void” and “my sisters keeper” the written story differs from the film in many different aspects.

Books are more descriptive, they need to be so you can understand their feelings, emotions, their expressions and where they are.Whereas in movies the picture is what is used to tell the story. You use your imagination when reading a book, there is only the description used in the text which allows you to create an image in your head of what the characters look like and their facial expressions. When watching a movie you see what the director wants you to see, and you hear the voices through the actor’s interpretation of their lines, in books you determine what the character look like and sound like.

You can also relate to the characters in your own mind.Whereas in movies the picture is what is used to tell the story, the actors use the description of the characters emotions and reflect it onto their facial expression and body position. Books are more detailed; when a movie is produced they have to cut bits out of the book to make the film last the wanted time. In “my sister’s keeper” by Jodie Pickolt, the movie removes parts of the book including the relationship between the lawyer and the guardian, which added another dimension to the book.

Movies are less time consuming, films take around 2hrs to watch and get most of the story fitted into that time. While books can take days maybe weeks to read, and during the times you are not reading the book you can forget what happened last time you read it and end up rereading the same part over and over. Movies are far more visually appealing; in “touching the Void” I felt that you got the full effect of what was happening by watching the movie, because there was narrative speaking I also felt I could feel their emotions, and feel what they were feeling.Whereas in the book the part that the class read I felt that it was very blunt, and I had to read it a couple of times to understand what was happening. When reading the book first, such as “my sister’s keeper” and then watching the film, I always find the movie very disappointing.

I think this is because I have already created an image of what it is suppose to look like and when it is different it is very saddening. But when I just watch the movie and not the book I always think he movie is fantastic and very descriptive. However books and films also have similarities. Both books and films can utilize themes, symbols, foreshadows etc.

They also both have a beginning, rising action and resolution. Even though in “my sisters keeper” the endings were different in the book and movie they both had the power to make me emotionally attached to the story. They also both use the writer’s words to create an image.