The technology era, the communication age, and the twenty-first century: even as the leaders of the free world are we ready for it? Going into the twenty-first century, is the American Society in position to juggle everything being thrown its way? Today across the world technology is continuously changing “for the better.” Each day it seems something new comes out and it is near impossible to keep in tact with what is considered sufficient to get by. To what is the reasoning for this constant change? Communication. The world is busy and therefore convenience is everything. Better reception on our cellular phones, faster, more efficient computers, louder and clearer radios, better pictures on our televisions, and of course, all of which must be small enough to take with us on the road; all of these considered necessities today.

With Christmas just around the corner, parents are scrapping to make last second selections, and most find themselves in stores such as a Best Buy or Staples. This year more computers and computer products were sold then any other marketed item. It was expected that by the twenty-first century every home will have a computer and be wired to the Internet. Here it is now 2001 and we are not far off. As the television was some fifty years ago, the computer is today. Families find themselves crowded around the family computer waiting for there turn.

With access to the Internet, nearly all shopping can be done, newly you can watch television, we can communicate with family and friends and we can do all of this with out having to move anything but our fingers. Nearly 30% of American job’s can be primarily done from a home PC and the job opportunities to work off computers continue to flourish. With the power of the Internet, we can put to rest use of the television and get rid of our phones because they have been replaced. With a home computer and for just 20$ a month to AOL, we can communicate with the world by simply signing online. As for the rest of the technology fields who struggle to stay on the market, they continue to put forth better products as well. Technological advances are now crucial in order to keep the ball moving.

Each year a new line of electronics are put forth and last years products become ineffective. It is the space race of the twenty first century except it never ends because each time we pull closer, destination is moved further out. A few years ago, CD Burners were released to the market and as they were DVD Burners, a product expected to outbid the CD Burner, was being tested and readied to place out to the public. This is just one of many examples, but serves as a small-scale model for how the field or market for Electronics works. Obviously there are much larger things currently being tested such as new military weaponry and NASA projects that continue to advance and strive in this same pattern. For many, the new millennium comes with great expectations.

After ducking the Y2K virus this time last year, all have moved on and come to hope for a new turn of events. Though nobody knows exactly what they are hoping for, fingers are crossed for this turn of day. The question is, are we ready for it? Through all the technological advances and newly developed means of communication, have we bettered ourselves in advancing into the twenty-first century? Certainly, we are further along then we were twenty years ago. With out question we have come along way but there is an equilibrium point that if surpassed, even if in an increasing manner, we begin to diminish in our societal value. Our primary focus is on communication and technology.

How we can use the technology we have to correspond to others and save time. However somewhere along the line we were caught in aw with all and instead of saving time to get to the more important things, we have just taken on more and taken our work home with us. In the mist of all of this, lost sight of what values we once had. Family time eventually became listening as a family to the am radio, and then sitting around for family TV but now everyone room with a radio, a few televisions in the house, family time is of the past. Along with family time, or just sitting down to a family meal has become obscure. Everyone is so busy trying to do everything; there is no time to get back to those things which once were important.

As a society undergoing so much change, our values have been disturbed and in a sense nearly lost. The purpose of technology and convenience of communication was to make more time to get back to those values in which keep us strong, not so we could take on more work. Until we can regroup and reclaim those values which once united us, we remain weak. Word Count: 842