^&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& In today’s “tech” and competitive world, businesses are in transformation from manual inventory system to automated inventory system, including small businesses. Automated Inventory systems can reduce costs, retain the existing customers and gain profits. It can replace the time consuming manual process by providing more accurate data. Every business should have a proper inventory system in order to track whether the store is running out of the stock of an important item or there are some items that are obsolete.

Nowadays, automated system is used almost by all the retailers, grocery stores and manufacturing companies. A good inventory control system will alert the retailer when it is time to reorder (www. barcodesinc. com). Automated inventory system will keep the competitive advantage of your company and increase the value of your business. This plan will describe all the necessary equipment required for a low-cost automated inventory system for a small clothing store.

It will also explain the costs involved in creation of the system and describe the ongoing maintenance that will be required for the smooth running of the system and provide a workflow diagram of how the system will work. The equipments required to install a low-cost automated inventory system in small clothing store consists of a computer- desktop or laptop whichever is more cheaper, system requirements that can handle and store the inventory system, backup/recovery/portable hard disk and archive device, wireless router, inventory software, mobile scanning device like RF gun or any other device, barcode printer and barcode labels.

The system will be user-friendly and provide reliability and versatility in performance of application. It will make tracking inventory simple and flexible. It will allow tracking and scanning inventory away from the physical computer. The automated system will update the inventory records and perform transactions on an instant basis. The system will make it simple to