I am an international college student from Vietnam, and have been through twelve grades with lots of memories. One thing I could say is the interval time between my sixth and eighth grade was the time that I cherish the most. It is not only because it was my most successful time with a bunch of fabulous achievements I obtained, but also because literally it was my great pleasure to be instructed by a very thoughtful teacher. She was my Mathematics teacher, and her name is Mrs. Nguyen. I did enjoy most of her lectures in class. Thanks to being taught by a great teacher, Mathematics gradually became my most favorite subject. At that time, Vietnamese teachers received just a small amount of salary every month due to the government did not have much money. They could have a good life if they live alone, and only spend money for their own. However, if they have a family, their husband or wife needs to have much better income to run the house and nurture their children. My teacher and her husband both do educational job. As a result, they do not have good income enough to run their house and to pay tuitions for their kids. Therefore, those who had the same situation like this usually opened extra classes at their home for a little income. The government prohibited teachers to give extra lectures at their home because they worried that if teachers give lectures at home, students would get bored of listening lectures in class.