It is such a success for a child in the third grade to already know how to read. It is believe that when this skill is developed in this early age, there is a chance that the child will do well in the elementary years, going through the high school, where the child may perform even better, then through college where he is prepared for the professional level. They have confidence, of course, to those who come from school that are well established, and are usually competitive.Researchers have shown that elementary education should be given much importance since it is the basic foundation for to get to high school then go to another level. It was concluded by them that positive experiences for the children must be supplied, at an early age, or even since birth, to have the necessary preparations or what we call readiness.

This started the idea of parents as teachers. Parents are of course the most influential being to their children; they have the most access for them to be taught.They have formulated the idea to expose the children to education with their parents, for them to become a lot prepared to their formal school challenges. ‘Parents as Teachers’ or PAT Program is an effective tool in shaping the minds of the young (Wagner, 1997).

The program is for free. That is a very huge advantage for those who are financially incapable but are willing to work with their children. Even so, there are parent educators who can reach them to their sites whenever possible for the cases of remote areas, or when it is hard for them to go to the respective places where trainings are held.Regular visits are what these Parent educators do to supply useful information to encourage their children to participate in the program. Also, they monitor the improvements children and parents have already achieved to at least maintain that rate of improvement or even to increase the rate gain even more in the program. They test children for their vision, language, nutritional and dental, social development, etc.

this is to evaluate possible hindrances to their learning and at the sme time address these needs.For parents to enjoy the training program what they did was to make interactions among the children while they undergo the necessary training; and then they also learn from other parents during the sessions when they are allowed to interact with other parents to share their experiences and other techniques that can be found nowhere but are acquired through experience ("What is PAT? ," 2003). PAT offices are also equipped with information libraries where parents could actually look for references regarding their topics.This is a way for them to facilitate the tasks of their participants to make sure they would stay intact with the program.

What is promising here is that parents are able to attend the training sessions regardless of their economic status. What is needed is just the effort of each parent to undergo training relevant for them to secure effectiveness in their endeavor. Studies have shown that a large percentage of poor children are already good enough to learn in their kindergarten class. 82% of the children who are involved get the higher amount of enthusiasm and readiness according to studies.

Only about 64% of the poor children showed readiness in their education them not being affiliated to the program (Pfannenstiel & Zigler, 2007). A study was done to prove the capability of this program to serve the purpose of making children more prepared to their academics. It was found out that 88% of the children intensely participating reached that certain grade needed to pass the MAP or the Missouri Assessment Program Communication Arts Test, as with that of those who do not attend the program, with 77% as their passing rate in the said exam.Having the knowledge on these statistically available data, it is convincing that enrolling in the PAT program is an effective tool in increasing the readiness of children.

It is not just the academic scheme that is developed in the children. In fact the parents could also learn something about the personalities of their children because of the closer interaction between them, and that also they are able to build a strong relationship with each other, which is actually the best part.