Child Development I really enjoyed reading about cognitive and social development in infancy, I can relate to it after being around my nephew and niece when they were going through their infancy. First of all, I would have to say that I also disagree with Piaget's theory. I think that infants develop perceptual vision and can tell the difference between objects and backround earlier than Piaget believed.

I believe that they develop memory earlier also. For example, a favorite blanket or stuffed animal they may ecspecially like and remember, or even the infant recognizing and knowing their parents is an example of memory. I thought the section on language was interesting. I would have to agree with the idea that children have a critical period, where they have a readiness to learn language, and if they miss this period, it is hard to learn.

The story of Gene is a perfect example.I always thought it would be great to be bilingual. Then when I do have kids, I can teach them two languages at the same time. I'm currently working at a chinese restaurant owned by an entire chinese family.

One of the little boys, who is seven, can speak both English and Chinese very well. Concerning social development in infants, I would have to say that the attatchment and bond between mother and infant is the strongest and most important bond the child will experience.Hopefully in the future, more fathers will also get the chance to experience such a bond. I thought it was great watching my nephew and niece go through infancy.

I remember one day I was laying on my bed watching my nephew. He had discovered his lips, and that he could make bubble sounds and gurgling noises. Reading these chapters brought back all the memories of his baby days. Psychology Essays.