Population- -The Republic of Chad has a population of 11,525,496. -The population density of Chad is 8 per sq km. (23 per sq mi) Politics/Government- -The Republic of Chad is a Presidential Republic. -The President is Idriss Deby and the Prime Minister is Emmanuel Nadingar. -Over all peaceful. -Has many allied countries. -High tensions with Libya, Nigeria, & The Central African Republic. -Eligible for preferential trades benefits under the African Growth and Opportunity Act. Dominate Religions- -51% Islam -35% Christian -7% Animist -7% Other

Culture- -People are called Chadians. -Chad society/culture unstudied and relatively unknown to the outside world. Major Physical Features- -Landlocked country in north central Africa. -85% size of Alaska. -Lake Chad on western border with Niger & Nigeria. -Sahara Desert in the north. -Lowest point: Djourab Depression 160 m. -Highest point: Emi Koussi 3,415 m. Weather/Climate- -North is arid/ desert. -South is tropical. Brief History- -Earliest human/prehuman skull discovered by Michel Brunet in 2002 was beryllium dated to 5 million bce. 900ce Several small states began to form in chad by indigenous africans and a minority of arabs. -Kanem empire originated to the northeast of Lake Chad. -1396ce Bulala invaders from the north forced Kanem people towards Lake Chad. -Kanem people intertwined with the Bornu people near lake chad to be called Kanembu people. -Sayfawa dynasty ruled Kanembu (Kanem-Bornu) people. -Sayfawa dynasty ended in 1846, Then the empire itself fell in 1893. -French first entered Chad in 1891 -Decisive colonial battle for Chad fought on April 22, 1900 at Battle of Kousseri. During WWII Chad was the first french colony to rejoin the allies. (August 26,1940) -Under the administration of Felix Eboue, Chad troops moved to engage axis Libya. -Chadian Democratic Union founded November 1947. -August 11, 1960 Chad became an independent country under the rule of Francois Tombalbaye. -1975 Tombalbaye overthrown and replaced with prime minister Hissene Habre. -Civil war from 1979-82 split Chad into 11 Factions. -Habre regained power after civil war and kept it until 1990. Idriss Deby, Habre’s leading general defected in 1989 and became president in December 1990. Current Events- -Droughts becoming more and more common in Sahara Desert region. -Flooding near Lake Chad has killed 24 people and left about 70,000 homeless. -Wanted Sudan leader is in Chad hiding out from the International Criminal Court for war crimes. -Red Cross worker recently abducted in Chad now free. Education Availability- -Schools in Chad largely based off of the French education system. -Chad scholars becoming largely known in recent years.